Roseland Bridge Club

02/01/2015 0

The Roseland Bridge Club restarts after the Christmas break on Tuesday, 6th Jan at 7.30pm in the Millennium Rooms, St Mawes. We always welcome new members, so if you play bridge and fancy something a […]

Writers Talking – January 2015 – Sallie Eden

01/01/2015 0

Sallie Eden catches up with locally based author Wayne Hackman It’s 18 months since I interviewed Wayne Hackman, writer, cat-lover and multi-tasker. So, what’s been happening since the publication of his debut novel, ‘Diablo’? We […]

Gardening – January 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/01/2015 0

Gosh another new year already and the policeman look younger still. It all seems to come round quicker than ever and in mid- November with my summer baskets still ok and flowers on the clematis […]

Book Review – January 2015 – Sallie Eden

01/01/2015 0

Rising Ground by Philip Marsden – Published by Granta Books 2014Subtitled ‘A Search For The Spirit Of Place’, like Philip’s other work, ‘Rising Ground’ is a serious and well-researched book, this time linking human responses, culture […]

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