Book Review – August 2016 – Sallie Eden

01/08/2016 0

The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale of the Lake District by James Rebanks – Published by Penguin, 2016 Exactly as it ‘says on the tin’, the story of a shepherd working the family farm in Cumbria. I really […]

CoastWatch News – August 2016 –

01/08/2016 0

Sod’s Law – If It Can Go Wrong – It Will I was a child in London during the War, one of the majority of London children who were not evacuated. Aged twelve I was […]

DVD Review – August 2016 – Mark David Hatwood

01/08/2016 0

Sicario Starring Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro, Directed by Denis Villeneuve FBI agent Kate Macer (Blunt) is recruited by government official Matt Graver (Brolin) to join a team, led by mysterious consultant Alejandro (Del Toro), on a […]

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