Police News – February 2017

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Community News From Tregony Neighbourhood Team. Devon & Cornwall – The 3rd Safest Place In England & Wales To Live The purpose of this news item is to enable both Parish Councils & the wider […]

BeeMania – March 2017 – Colin Rees

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Much the same situation with the bees this month as last – flying on the warmer, calmer days, but confined to barracks most of the time. However, the sugar candy/fondant I have been placing over […]

Book Review – Sallie Eden – March 2017

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Mapp and Lucia Rise Again – LC Powell – Available for Kindle To quote the author, “Lucia’s on the climb again…” I’m a tremendous fan of EF Benson’s Mapp and Lucia stories and wish there were more […]

Wild Roseland – March 2017

01/03/2017 1

There are thought to be approximately 160,000 species of moth worldwide, with over 2500 species having been recorded in the British Isles. Carol Hughes has been recording and photographing some of the many species to […]

DVD Review – March 2017 – Mark David Hatwood

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Arrival Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, Directed by Denis Villeneuve After mysterious alien spacecraft land on Earth, American linguistics professor Dr Louise Banks (Adams) finds herself working with the army to decode the aliens’ […]

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