BeeMania – July 2017 – Colin Rees

01/07/2017 1

Well, what a few weeks these have been! As I said last month, I had been dealing with a lot of swarm calls, diverting them mainly to other beekeepers across Cornwall depending on locality, but […]

BeeMania – May 2017 – Colin Rees

01/05/2017 0

The weather over the past two weeks has been a lot warmer when the sun was shining, but out of the sun’s rays the easterly and north easterly winds dropped the temperatures considerably. We had […]

BeeMania – March 2017 – Colin Rees

01/03/2017 0

Much the same situation with the bees this month as last – flying on the warmer, calmer days, but confined to barracks most of the time. However, the sugar candy/fondant I have been placing over […]

Bee-Mania – January 2017 – Colin Rees

01/01/2017 1

There’s not a lot to report this month, as December is perhaps the quietest month in the beekeeping calendar. There are few flowers or plants in bloom, let alone any yielding nectar, which, coupled with […]

BeeMania – December 2016 – Colin Rees

01/12/2016 0

So 2016 is coming to an end – and what a challenging year it has been, what with poor honey harvests across the UK, the derogation of the neonicotinoid ban by Parliament and the discovery […]

BeeMania – November 2016 – Colin Rees

01/11/2016 0

I make no apologies for starting this month’s blog with another reminder about the Asian Hornet which has recently arrived on our shores from France. In addition to the initial sighting of this exotic pest […]

Bee-Mania – October 2016 – Colin Rees

01/10/2016 0

I think it must have been the minute I pressed “Send” on last month’s report to RoL, the honey flow started! Since then, the bees have been going mad in terms of collecting nectar and […]

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