Book Review – December 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/12/2017 0

Murderabilia by Craig Robertson – Published by Simon and Schuster, March 2017 [Also available as an audiobook, read by David Monteath, an outstanding narrator and audiobook genius] Anyone who’s seen my previous reviews will know I […]

Book Review – November 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/11/2017 0

The Gritterman by Orlando Weeks – Published by Particular Books, September 2017 Written and illustrated by a member of the sadly defunct indie band, The Maccabees, this is the story of the Gritterman, driver of a gritting […]

Book Review – October 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/10/2017 0

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – Published by Allen Lane, 3 October 2017 Matthew Walker is currently Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and Director of the Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of California, […]

Book Review – September 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/09/2017 0

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes – Published by Flying Eye Books Lots of ‘big’ illustrations, with some fine detail and repetition, so ideal for small children, maybe as a bedtime story.  As you might have […]

Book Review – August 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/08/2017 0

That’s Not English by Erin Moore – Published by Vintage, 2015 A book by a London based author from America, about ‘Britishisms’, Americanisms and “What our English says about us”, it’s rather less lightweight than I […]

Book Review – August 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/08/2017 0

Ships’ Cat’s in war and peace by Val Lewis – Published by Nauticalia, reprinted 2014 I make no apology for saying that, although the author delves into the history of exploration and the seafaring past (right […]

Book Review – July 2017 – Sallie Eden

01/07/2017 0

Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups: Five Go On A Strategy Away Day. Words by Bruno Vincent – Published by Quercus Editions Ltd, 2016 Marketed as Enid Blyton for adults, this is the first of the series I’ve […]

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