Coastwatch News – January 2013

09/12/2012 0

Winter is with us and training is now the main occupation. We do this at our monthly Meeting at Portscatho, following on the ordinary business. It’s pretty informal, no one gets worked up over it, […]

September 2012 – Do I, or Don’t I?

07/10/2012 0

It was an unpleasant windy day with occasional rain squalls whipping across the water. The wind indicator in the Lookout was indicating South Westerly 5 gusting 7. The small sailing boat was making heavy weather […]

August 2012 – An Introduction

07/10/2012 0

A lonely hut standing on the Coast Path at Pednavaden Point, Portscatho, is the only reminder of the original Coastguard, an organisation formed in the 1800’s to provide a safety watch over Britain’s immense coastline. […]

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