Local Girl With Lyme Disease Needs Help

15/05/2017 0

Tia, who lives in Probus, is 19 years old and a sufferer of chronic Lyme disease. Having been very ill for four and a half years she paid privately to get her bloods tested in America and on […]

Julian German wins for Roseland

05/05/2017 0

Congratulations to Julian German who has won the Cornwall council elections for the Roseland electoral devision with a clear victory of  54% of  the votes. Councillor German has been an independent councillor for the Roseland for well […]

Fancy Being A Spook?

18/04/2017 0

Roseland Online’s main sponsor The Nare has announced it will be publishing a short thriller set on the south coast of Cornwall by acclaimed spy author Jon Stock. The central characters, Noah (along with Clemmie), […]

Let’s Help The Roseland Win The Lottery!

19/03/2017 0

Cornwall needs a Lottery winner! Cornish lottery projects are being urged to enter this year’s National Lottery Awards to get the recognition they deserve.  How about nominating a project for the Roseland? The call comes […]

Commercial Register Scam

25/02/2017 38

Roseland Online has been made aware of a commercial register scam being perpetrated in the local area which local businesses should be very wary of. A convincing ‘Commercial Register’ letter sent from Direct Publishers S.L.U. […]

BT Phone Scam – IMPORTANT Warning

27/01/2017 1

A particularly computer savvy local has told Roseland Online about a convincing new BT phone scam which is being perpetrated in the area. We are told the fraudsters ring up stating that they are from BT and […]

Amazing Collie Swims 2 Miles to Shore

26/01/2017 1

A lost collie was found by two local dog-walkers on the footpath at Bohortha. Refusing to leave them so the couple called a vet in Truro who said it might be best to leave it as it might be a […]

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