Roseland Plan Voting Results

21/08/2015 2

Yesterday, Thursday 20th August, The Roseland peninsula came out to vote for or against the Roseland Plan. The overwhelming majority of residents (74.98% of voters) voted in favour of the plan. In total, 1139 residents […]

Roseland Plan Update – July 2015

26/07/2015 1

THE ROSELAND PLAN Roseland voters are advised that a referendum on the local Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Thursday 20 August 2015, from 7am to 10pm. The question to be asked of voters at […]

Roseland Plan Latest Information – July 2015

30/06/2015 0

The Examiner’s report arrived in late May. The conclusion was that the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan should proceed to referendum subject to a series of minor modifications, none of which change the Plan’s content or […]

Roseland Plan Latest Information – May 2015

05/05/2015 0

The examiner appointed to look at our Plan, Claire Wright, visited the Roseland incognito during the first week of April to learn something about our area. She committed to completing the examination in April so, […]

Roseland Plan Latest Information – January 2015

10/01/2015 0

THE ROSELAND PLAN The Roseland Plan, together with the Basic Conditions Statement and the Consultation Statement, was submitted to Cornwall Council on 8th December. These documents and a large amount of background information are all […]

Roseland Plan Update – December 2014

01/12/2014 0

A report listing the consultation input and the relevant changes has been completed and is now available to view or download from our website ( In addition, the work required to finalise the Plan and […]

Roseland Plan September Update

27/09/2014 0

The formal consultation period ended on Sunday 14th September. All comments and suggestions have been recorded and we are currently assessing them and considering whether modifications need to be made to the Plan. A report […]

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