Adoptive Parents Needed

12.07.12: Families for Children Voluntary Adoption Agency, based at Buckfast in Devon, place vulnerable children from all over the country with adoptive families specifically in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. They have historically placed children that Local Authorities find ‘harder to place’, such as sibling groups, older children and children with disabilities with new adoptive families.

Katey McDonald, Marketing Coordinator for Families for Children told Roseland Online, “Recent changes in Local Authority procedures have seen a dramatic change, not only in the number of children currently looked after in care, but also the age of children awaiting adoption. As a result we are now being asked to place much younger children.

“We continue to struggle placing children in Cornwall and because of the increase in number of children waiting to be adopted we are crying out for families to come forward. We are sure that many people who may have considered adoption may have some ideas in their heads about why they are not able to adopt which stops them coming forward and we are keen to dispel all the myths that surround adoption.”

Families for Children are also keen to let people know that they do have a choice when considering adoption with both the Local Authority and Families for Children operating locally. Whist the adoption process is similar in both organisations, Families for Children have an excellent post adoption support team that can support and advise the family and child for the rest of their lives if needs be.

Katey added, “Although we are a Christian agency we are pleased to welcome enquiries from other faiths and cultures and as a Christian organisation concerned with the welfare of children, parents and families, our attitudes and practices are shaped by Christian values and we therefore aim to uphold the importance of love,  family life and the dignity of each individual.”

Families for Children are currently setting up some information events around Cornwall, the first being held at the Epiphany Centre in Truro on Saturday 8th September, 10am to 1pm to help raise awareness and offer advice to anyone who is considering adoption.

For more information visit the Families for Children website: or phone 01364 645480

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