April 2012


Parish Council Meeting
St Ewe Village Hall
Monday 16 April 2012
7.00pm – 8.20pm

Officers Present:-
Parish Councillors – Chairman Cllr Will Richards , Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Martin Wheeley

Apologies Received:-
Cllr John Dickinson and Cllr Sam Roberts

In Attendance:-
Cllr Robin Teverson – Cornwall Council
Rose Hardisty, Clerk

Public Participation:-
2 members of the public in attendance

001/12 Declarations of interests
Cllrs Will Richards and Janet Lockyer declared that they sit on the Village Hall Committee and must therefore declare an interest in the application for a grant for the village celebrations.

002/12 Previous Minutes
The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 12 March 2012 having been read were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed AB, seconded MW).

Public Participation

Sue Hawken and Paul Sibley were in attendance to answer any questions the council may have about the village celebration grant request. No specific questions were necessary and the Chairman proposed that this item be moved up the agenda and dealt with first.

003/12 Grant Applications
· Grant towards village celebrations on 02.06.2012 – St Ewe Village Hall
The clerk gave details of the letter sent after the last meeting seeking clarification of costings and arrangements. A written response has been received from the organising committee and this was available for the councillors to consider. Cllrs Will Richards and Janet Lockyer indicated that they supported the application.

Cllrs Will Richards and Janet Lockyer left the meeting

Cllr Allan Brooks (in the absence of the Vice Chairman) temporarily took chair of the meeting

The clerk reminded councillors of the powers under s145 of the Local Government Act 1972 to support entertainments and the arts and any matters ancillary to such provision. Councillors studied carefully the itemised draft costings provided and also noted where other grant funding had been received. The council felt it was appropriate to support the following items: mailing and ticket printing (£130), marquee hire (£600), lighting (£100), photographs and sundries expenses (£100) and insurance (£50). Therefore, the council resolved (proposed MW, seconded RC) to make a grant towards the village celebrations of £980. In due course the organising committee should provide the parish council with a copy of the accounts in relation to the celebrations.

Cllrs Will Richards and Janet Lockyer rejoined the meeting

Cllr Will Richards re-took the chair

Two members of the public (Sue Hawken and Paul Sibley) left the meeting

004/12 Councillor Vacancy
· Accept resignation of Elaine Holmes
The clerk read a letter from Elaine Holmes dated 23.03.2012 stating that she is resigning from the parish council as a result of moving to Ladock. She expressed thanks to her colleagues on the council, said how much she had enjoyed being a parish councillor and valued the experience. The Chairman has accepted Mrs Holmes resignation with effect from the date of her letter. The council was sorry to note that Elaine was leaving but understood her reasons and wished her well in her future adventures.

· Arrangements for vacancy notice, advertisement and appointment of replacement councillor
The clerk has been in contact with the John Simmons of Cornwall Council and he has provided the statutory vacancy notices. These were posted on 10.04.2012. If, within 14 days, 10 (or more) electors request an election then one must be held. If not then the parish council will be free to fill the vacancy by co-option after 30.04.2012. Any parishioner who is interested in becoming a parish councillor should make contact with the clerk as soon as possible. The council noted the above and also agreed that an advert for a new councillor be placed in Tower & Spire magazine.

005/12 Planning matters
· 12/01193 FP Proposed conversion and extension of outbuilding to form annex accommodation
Little Pengelly Cottage, Sticker, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7JJ
Notice of Application withdrawn

· 12/01194 FP Removal of existing storage sheds and erection of 2 holiday lets along with office/storage
facilities and tennis court.
Land at Vose Farm, Tregony, Cornwall, TR2 5SH
Notice of Approval

· 12/01322 FP Construction of 50kW photovoltaic array, associated equipment and fence
Trelewack Farm, St Ewe, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6EX
Notice of Approval

· 12/00527 Pre-Application advice : removal of condition 4 of 06/00336
Lobbs Farm Shop, The Countryside Barn, Heligan, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6EN
Notice ofAdvice given – probable application

The council noted the above four matters.

· 12/02833 FP Proposed cafe, training facilities, office and agricultural storage building
M A Grigg, Pendennis, Lower Sticker, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7JH

The council noted that the clerk only received notice of this application on Saturday and accordingly it was not listed specifically on the agenda. The clerk has spoken with the planning officer and he is prepared to give an extension of time until 15.05.2012 (ie the day after our next scheduled meeting). The council then considered whether to deal with the planning application now or postpone full consideration until the next meeting. It was agreed that the application be considered on 14.05.2012 so that the council may have an opportunity to consider any objections or comments posted on the on-line register by that time.

· No other applications/matters were notified by the date of the meeting.

006/12 Highways
· Maintenance of fingerposts
There was no update as Cllr Dickinson is away. However, Cllr Teverson would like the matter chasing as he has allocated money for this work to be undertaken by the Highways department. It was agreed that the clerk would speak to Highways and Cllr Dickinson and a full update will be available at the next meeting.

· Any other urgent matters
No other matters were reported.

007/11 Footpaths
· Dumping of garden waste on 418/16/1
A letter has been received from a parishioner alleging that garden waste is being dumped on the above public right of way and blocking/restricting the bridleway. It was agreed that the clerk contact the countryside officer to ask him to investigate this complaint and take action as necessary or advise the parish council on what steps it may take to deal with the matter. It was also agreed that the clerk should contact Jim Davies and make him aware of the problem and ask him to report back if this is an issue when he undertakes his scheduled path maintenance.

· Any other urgent matters
No other matters were reported.

008/12 Dumping and Fly-Tipping
The clerk has prepared a short article for Tower & Spire and some posters for the problem sites based on information provided by the Envirocrime officer at Cornwall Council. Councillors approved these documents and agreed that they should be posted/published as appropriate.

009/12 Notice Boards
The clerk reported that the new notice board is in position in Polmassick. There is one problem in that it has a locking mechanism. The clerk believed she had made it clear that a lock was not wanted but having reviewed the written documentation it is possible that this was open to interpretation. It is hoped that the problem can be remedied by attaching the key to a chain so the board is available to general use. It was agreed that the clerk liaise with Lee Price about the issues and report back to the next meeting.

010/12 Audit matters
· Presentation of year-end figures and bank reconciliation
The council viewed the document and it was considered that it showed an accurate representation of the state of financial matters as at 31.03.2012. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded JL) that they be approved.

· Consideration of internal auditors report
The internal auditor, Brian Smelt, has reviewed the annual audit form and the council’s accounts together with supporting files and documents. He has found the accounting to be accurate and found no matters of concern to be recorded on section 4 of the annual audit form. The council noted with thanks the work of Brian Smelt.

· Consideration and completion of audit commission’s annual return
The council considered the annual audit form and also the variance statement prepared by the clerk. The variance statement is required by the audit commission to explain significant differences between the figures for the last financial year and the one immediately preceding it. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded JL) that the chairman sign section 1 as these figures accord accurately with the year-end figures and also that the council is satisfied with the explanations offered in the variance statement and supporting documents. Councillors then considered section 2 of the form, the annual governance statement, addressing each question in turn and reaching a conclusion about a response. Where necessary the clerk provided further information about the ways in which each issue is dealt with by the council. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded AB) that a ‘yes’ response was the correct response to all the questions raised save for question 9 where the appropriate response is ‘not applicable’. Section 2 was then signed by the chairman and the clerk as is required. The clerk is to submit the necessary papers to the audit commission as soon as possible, keeping a copy for the parish records. The clerk also advised the council that the accounts are to be made available for public scrutiny and notices have been placed on all the boards about this. It was further agreed that a notice be put in Tower & Spire advising parishioners of their right to examine parish financial documents.

011/12 Financial Matters
· Approve payments
Payment of the grants agreed and of outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed MW, seconded DC) as detailed below:
St Ewe Village Hall
Grant towards village celebrations on 02.06.2012
St Ewe Village Hall
Hall Hire 09.01.2012, 30.01.2012 and 12.03.2012

· Notification of first instalment of precept received
The council noted that the sum of £2,387.37 has been received from Cornwall Council.

· Presentation of budget for year commencing 01.04.2012
The council viewed the document and it was agreed that it accurately represented the budget proposed during the November meeting (087/11) when the matter of precept was considered. This budget document will be updated throughout the year and be presented to the council at its regular meetings.

· Bi-monthly financial update, budget review and year-end accounts
The council noted the bi-monthly update and budget review without comment.

012/12 Clerk Issues
The council felt it was appropriate that the clerk leave the meeting to allow the councillors free expression and it was agreed that Cllr Richards would take the minute.

Rose Hardisty left the meeting

· Review number of clerk hours per week
The position of St Ewe clerk is currently allocated four hours per week. The clerk does not believe this is sufficient to undertake the work required and has asked the council to consider increasing the allocated hours to five per week. Cllr Allan Brooks spoke on behalf of the employment committee which supports the clerk’s request and was able to give information to councillors about how the proposed changes would affect parish budget and finances. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded MW) that the position of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to St Ewe Parish Council be increased to five hours per week with effect from 01.04.2012.

· Review salary scale of clerk
The clerk is currently paid at SCP 16 and this has been the case since the commencement of her employment in 2008. The clerk has requested that this be reviewed and increased in the light of the length of her employment and increased experienced. Cllr Allan Brooks spoke on behalf of the employment committee which supports this request and it was proposed that the clerk be awarded a two point rise to SCP 18 (currently £8.919/hour). There has been no inflationary increase in these (nationally set) hourly rates for a couple of years but this might happen this year and if that is the case the clerk would receive the increased rate. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded MW) that the clerk be moved to SCP 18 with effect from 01.04.2012.

· Review clerk home office allowance
The clerk receives a ‘Working from Home’ allowance of £10/month. The clerk has requested that the council raise the ‘Working from Home’ allowance to £4/week to include phone expenses (rather than budgeting separately for this) and the requirement to use her own computer with internet connection (ie covering paragraphs 10.2.1, 10.2.2 and 10.2.3 in the contract of employment). In practical terms this means an annual increase of £88 (£208 as opposed to the current £120). Cllr Allan Brooks spoke on behalf of the employment committee who supports this increase. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded MW) that the clerk’s ‘Working from Home’ allowance be increased to £4/week with effect from 01.04.2012.

The council also wanted it noted that they are pleased with the performance of the clerk and are happy with her work. It was agreed that Cllr Will Richards will make arrangements with the clerk to undertake a formal review/appraisal in due course.

Rose Hardisty re-joined the meeting

013/12 New information posted on Notice Boards
· Minutes of 09.01.2012 and 30.01.2012
(and at www.cornwall.gov.uk/steweparish and http://roseland-online.co.uk/roseland-cornwall-community/parishes/stewe.html)
· Official Audit Notice
· Notice of Casual Vacancy (advert for replacement Councillor)
· Appointment of Members to the Cornwall Countryside Access Forum
The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

015/12 Cornwall Councillor Update
Cllr Teverson reported that the new rubbish and recycling collection arrangements seem to be what are causing residents the most problems at the moment. He will continue to monitor this and hopes it will improve as the new system settles. There are some issues with footpaths and highways and in particular he hopes that the money he has allocated with have an impact on the fingerpost works.

015/12 Any other business
· Invitation to Renewable Energy Seminar – 25.04.2012 7.30pm Probus Village Hall
The council noted receipt of this invitation and Cllr Will Richards will attend. Any other councillor who wishes to attend should make direct contact with Cornwall Councillor Bob Egerton.

· No other business was raised.

016/12 Date of next meeting
The date of the next scheduled meeting isMonday 14 May 2012 at 7.00pmwhich is the Annual Parish Community meeting at 7.00pm, followed by the Parish Council AGM and after that the usual parish business will be dealt with. Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required. The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm.

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