Bank Door-To-Door Scam Warning

01.03.11: Devon & Cornwall Police would like to make you aware of the following incidents that have been reported to them.

We have received reports of persons attending addresses, purporting to be from a bank or on behalf of the residents bank, to collect their bank cards. Various reasons have been given for collecting these cards and the courier has handed over a very convincing fake new card.

Prior to the visit the residents were contacted by telephone from persons purporting to be from their bank/building society to arrange the collection.

Please be aware and make you neighbours aware of this scam and do not give your bank/credit cards or the details on them to anyone, whether they attend in person, telephone or ask you to post.

Investigations are ongoing to locate the suspect, so far the reports received have been from elderly residents, at this time we cannot say whether the courier is genuine or not but ask for you to phone 999 If you have persons with a similar story at your door or 08452 777 444 if you have any information.

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