Bletchley Park’s Enigma Outreach programme Seeks Venues

Bletchley Park’s Enigma Outreach programme will be visiting Cornwall during the week of the 11th September 2017, leading up to an appearance at the Bude at War event on Saturday 16th. 

Schools in the Cornwall area may take advantage of a reduced cost during this week: Usually costing £562.50 + travel & accommodation expenses (usually ~£200 for fuel) schools will be able to pay £525 for the day’s visit, with travel expenses shared between all venues booking that week, representing a significant saving. 

For more information on Bletchley Park and its role in WWII check out their website

For more details of the Outreach programme and to discuss options, please contact Tom Briggs at or to hear about the benefits of the visit for your school or association, please contact our own book reviewer, Sallie Eden under:

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