Book Review – December 2017 – Sallie Eden

Murderabilia by Craig Robertson – Published by Simon and Schuster, March 2017

[Also available as an audiobook, read by David Monteath, an outstanding narrator and audiobook genius]

Anyone who’s seen my previous reviews will know I really don’t like reading books with any “nastiness” and there’s no denying that, as the title indicates, the subject matter is very nasty indeed. But, to borrow a well worn phrase, it’s all essential to the plot. 

So why do I recommend it? Exceptionally good writing, check; clever plot, check; interesting characters, check. It’s easy to see why it was long listed for two literary prizes (not so easy to understand why it wasn’t short listed). 

Whilst I have absolutely no knowledge of the dark web, it appears the author has carried out a great deal of research and the result is a taut, enthralling, yet truly disturbing story that unfortunately reads as though it might be true. The stuff of nightmares.

Very good indeed (but maybe best not to read it at bedtime). 

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