Book Review – June 2017 – Sallie Eden

Dragged Through Time by Marc Grimston – Published by Create Space, 2016 (available via Amazon)

Set in the early years of WWII, this is the follow up to Zio The Hero and features the other “heroes” from that story: Robert, Timothy, Michael and Tobias. 

A father of four, the author draws on his own life and interests: history, adventure, the countryside, reading and story telling. 

And, as for his inspiration for this story, “He found the loose stone at the bottom of the cairn and removed the tin hidden behind it”. 

I enjoyed this book on a number of levels. It reminded me of books I read in my childhood, being written very much from a child’s perspective. It is also a cleverly disguised social and domestic history lesson. The war, rationing, transport, farming methods, lack of running water etc all form part of the story. 

There are several “life lessons” here too: it’s ok to cry and even if, like the author, you’re dyslexic you can still produce a good story. 

Best of all, the final sentence made me smile ….

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