Book Review – Sallie Eden – March 2017

Mapp and Lucia Rise Again – LC Powell – Available for Kindle

To quote the author, “Lucia’s on the climb again…”

I’m a tremendous fan of EF Benson’s Mapp and Lucia stories and wish there were more of them. So often when I see a “new” one, not, of course, written by the Master, I’m disappointed. Poor plots, sloppy writing, even the lack of spellcheck, all combine to make me swear I’ll stick with the originals.

But… there’s always the chance that, like Tom Holt’s wonderful stories of the marvellous but monstrous duo, there’ll be one that has that indefinable “it” factor. And here we have it.

Like Mr Benson, LC Powell manages to lead the reader to the awful inevitability that marks every encounter between Mrs Mapp Flint (the former Miss Mapp) and Mrs Pillson (Lucia). He does so without the predictability that others don’t seem able to avoid.

This is not a pastiche; it’s a genuine homage, set in familiar surroundings and with all the old familiar personalities. An absolute delight for lovers of good stories, great characters and gentle, affectionate writing.

Summing up, I hope the author will forgive me if I once again, quote from his book “…the prospect of locking horns once again with Elizabeth was too delicious not to contemplate…”

And as for The (ahem) Yacht Incident, I know who I think was responsible.

More please.

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