Consultation Regarding Land at Bowling Green, St Just

There will be a 2nd Public Consultation regarding land to the rear of The Bowling Green, St Just in Roseland at St Just Institute 13th Feb 2013, from 2pm-7pm.  This is an opportunity to see the proposed St Just development of 20 new properties, 12 affordable and 8 open market, and give your feedback.

This consultation is part of the planning application process – so the developer can provide a statement of community involvement. This is to show how YOU, the local community have been engaged in the development of this scheme and what your views are.  You are invited to attend and give YOUR views.

The Parish Council would like to know more details on the following issues, what about you?

  • New Road Junction A3078

Detail on the proposed new road junction with regard to safety, visibility and landscaping.

  • Pedestrian Access & Safety

Will there be any new footpaths along the main road?

What is the position regarding a possible footpath from the site into Harbour View?

  • Sewers/Drains/Flooding

Can the existing infrastructure cope with the new houses?

Will the flooding problem at Trethewell be affected by this development?

  • Affordable Homes

This site is being considered for development because there is a registered need for affordable housing and there is a willing landowner. To provide these affordable houses (those sold at below open market prices to qualifying people), open market houses (houses anybody may purchase) must be built.

Of those on the register the majority would prefer to live in St Mawes, but some prefer St Just.

The Parish Council hope this event will inform people what is proposed, why, and what the impacts will be.

Consider the following : –

Q. How many new houses should be built?

Q. What will happen to the village in the future if there is no development?

Q. Will this new development be a part of the village or an annex?

Please attend, ask questions, and give feedback at this event.  Writing down your views is the best way you can give feedback and there will be forms at the event for this. Alternatively you can e-mail your comments to:-

Local councillors will be at there as well as representative(s) from Cornwall Council.

Should you not be able to attend the event you will have further opportunities to comment on this scheme if/when a formal planning application is received. The advice of the Parish Council is for people to take the earliest opportunity to engage and be a part of this consultation.


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