Cornish Pasty Recieves Protected Geographical Status

22.02.11: After an eight year battle, the Cornish Pasty Association has received great news from the European Union – the Cornish pasty has finally been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status! This means that only genuine Cornish pasties baked in Cornwall and following the traditional recipe can use the ‘Cornish pasty’ denomination. This is great news for all Cornish pasty bakers, farmers, suppliers and Cornwall’s rural economy in general.

David Rodda from the Cornwall Agri-food Council and spokesperson for the CPA said; “Receiving PGI for the Cornish pasty is good news for consumers and also for the rural economy. By protecting our regional food heritage, we are protecting local jobs. Thousands of people in Cornwall are involved in the pasty industry, from farmers to suppliers, and it’s important that the product’s quality is protected for future generations.”

This status is something enjoyed the world over with brands like Champaign whereas brands like Cheddar cheese can be produced anywhere as it has no PGI attached to it.

The European Commission states that those who sell a protected product must show its PGI logo, shown here. For details on how to use the CPA and PGI logos people can visit the Cornish Pasty Association website:

The Cornish Pasty Association has over 50 members of which six are committee members. The committee works to promote the Cornish pasty and invests in marketing materials and communications campaigns. Members receive posters, leaflets, stickers and any other marketing material produced on behalf of the CPA.

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