Crowdfunding Help Needed for Dogs’ Charity

fundingOur former Health, Naturally! feature writer (and Truro Chiropractor), Mike Noone, was incredibly moved, whilst on holiday in Agidir (where dogs have a rough life) seeing a dog that not only had a broken leg (and which was hanging off!) but that was also has adopted and was mothering another puppy along with its own three.

He was delighted to have found a caring charity for that dog and was so moved by his experience, he’s set up a Crowdfunding page to help that charity help other street dogs like her.

Could you spare a few pounds to help a dog like this? If you can, maybe you’ll consider pledging support below. If you can’t, or whether you do or not, maybe you could share this news with other whom you think it may benefit?

Thank you.

Donate here:

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