Defibrillator Project Update – British Heart Foundation Heartstart Training

defibMembers of the Roseland Surgeries Patients Group and the Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service are offering free Basic First Aid training to people in the Parishes of the Roseland who have expressed interest in the Roseland defibrillator project.  The course lasts around 3 hours maximum and includes techniques to administer CPR and deal with Bleeding and Choking.

The first course for Gerrans Parish (includes Portscatho!) residents is on the 19th June at the Memorial Hall at 7:00 pm.  Places are strictly limited to 16 as there is practical work on the Resuscitation Dummies included.  You must book a place by phoning Simone on 01872 580282 after 6:00 pm.  Whilst there is no charge it is expected that people undertaking the course will then make themselves available to help others in need and be confident to use the defibrillator units that are being purchased with Parish funds and will be located in Gerrans and Portscatho.

If there is significant demand a second course will be offered on the 26th June – same place, same time.

Courses will be run for other Parishes in the future.

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  1. Hi I worked on the NHSambulance service for 20 years run my own training organisation doing all kinds of courses including first aid, and would love to be a heartstart training volenteer, I am a big belever in hands only CPR and teach the science of how it is the best way of doing resusitation because of maitaining the blood presure and using the O2 that ios already in the lungs and use the example of free divers being able to stay under water for long periods of time.
    Could you please Imform me if you need any trainers in the Nottingham / Derby area

    Kind Regards Steve Mitchell

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