Electric Car Showing at Pollaughan Cottages

15.06.11: As a one-off event tomorrow at Pollaughan Cottages, there is an exclusive viewing of Tesla, an electric car that successfully made the 900 mile trip from John O’Groats to Land’s End this year using just £20 worth of fuel.

Extending their green credentials, Pollaughan Cottages will also be showing off their new electric car charging station – a first for the Roseland – which they are also offering free charges to anyone with an electric car on the Roseland for the time being. “It costs us just £3.50 per charge, which we’re happy to cover to promote the use of green fuels,” Tim Penny of Pollaughen told Roseland Online today. “We were delighted be help with the trip from Scotland to Cornwall by ofering to be a charging station on their travels and hope that this event tomorrow with Kevin and his Tesla car will attract more people to the idea of an electric vehicle use in the future.

Everyone is heartily invited to meet Kevin and see the car before it travels on to its next port-of-call to thank those that helped in the journey. The event starts at 1.00pm and some lucky Roselanders may even get a drive in it!

According to an RAC foundation survey, the average distance travelled by UK commuiter is 8.5 miles and at just £3.50 per fill up, so an electric car would do wonders for the Roseland’s environmental credentials, and also save a small fortune for its owner.

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