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  1. I feel so sorry for all you moaners and complainers. Have you nothing else to worry about in your lives? A couple wanted to celebrate with a few fireworks. That’s lovely. It’s not like it is a regular occurrence. I’m gobsmacked that you would call the Tresanton to complain.

  2. I live in Falmouth near the town and didn’t hear anything, if they were fireworks of the complainers they would have the same views of who’s they were and it is legally allowed! People were clearly notified .

  3. Just to correct some things written about last nights fireworks, firstly it wasn’t a wedding it was a birthday, secondly they started at exactly 10.45 and finished at 10.55 which I make to be ten minutes, and thirdly not only was it advertised in St Mawes it was also advertised on Cornwall cottages and shared through Facebook. It was also advertised on Roseland online!!! Finally I thought they were amazing and I am a resident of St. Mawes.

  4. Not good at that time! Most people just going off to sleep! Not good if you already have insomnia! Should not be allowed at this time! They should be reprimanded. Hope people complain to Environmental health!

  5. Well the 18 of April was the night Syria came to town,now I know what it is like to have been bombed.Last night the
    Hotel Tresanton put on a display that had me nearly jump out of my skin,and as for our animals we would have had to put them under to have not been scared.The whole thing started at 11pm and I did not time it but was probably about 20 minutes of enough noise to wake up people in Penryn and Falmouth.See the comments above.

    I have phoned the hotel twice this morning and they say that notices were put up in St.Mawes,maybe Falmouth & Penryn should have had some as well.The whole thing was a disgrace for the timing the amount of noise and god knows how much money was sent up in smoke.Congrats to the lovely people who got married and will go away oblivious to the mayhem they created.OH JOLLY JAPES CHAPS>
    The Tresanton should be ashamed and I will do my best to get some action taken on what was totally ignorant behaviour.A disgrace on you Tresanton.

  6. I’ve never heard anything like it! Must be the way the wind carried it over to Penryn but it sounded like we we’d gone to war.

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