Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – Annual Meeting 2014

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Annual Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

                                            held on Tuesday 1st July 2014                                        

                                             in  the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 29th July at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs   German, Greenslade, Hetherington, Iddison, Meek, Morse, Symons,

Taffinder ( Chairman); CC J German, S Skull (Clerk)

7  members of the public  attended.




Cllrs Case, Hatwood




There were two candidates to fill the existing casual vacancy; Mrs Cynthia Calton and Mr Robin Edwards, who were both present. Mr Edwards was elected by majority secret ballot of the Councillors present and was invited to take his seat.


Mr Edwards then completed and signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office form, which was witnessed and countersigned by the clerk, and was given a Register of Interests form, (a copy of the current Code of Conduct and copies of the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were to be forwarded by the clerk by email).








Mrs Simone Kennett, representing the Roseland Surgeries Patients Group (RSPG), gave an update on her search for a suitable site for a boules or keel pitch, saying that she was in negotiations with the prospective new tenant at the football field with a view to siting it there.


Mr Steve Hooper commented that the standard of work on the rebuilt section of Cornish Hedge at New Road car park was poor. Cllr Taffinder said the matter was currently being taken up with the contractor.


Mr Howard Emmett expressed his concern that there was still no visible monument to mark the 2012 Diamond Jubilee. The Jubilee Committee had funds available and the preferred option was the provision of seating. All that was needed was agreement as to the site. It was decided to make this an agenda item at the next meeting. Action clerk


Mr Emmett also said the 30mph restriction signs on Tregassick Road obstructed the field entrance there. CC German said the matter had already been reported to Cornwall Council.


Mr Emmett further reported communications he had received from Cornwall Council regarding the cutting of footpaths on his land which he considered to be intimidatory in nature. Cllr Taffinder said she considered this was a private matter.


CC Julian German reported he was in correspondence with Mr Andrew Kerr in pursuance of enforcement action on the S106 agreement on the open space land at Gerrans. He had also met with executives of Devon and Cornwall Housing to remind them of  the effects on their public profile of the continuing inaction. Cllr Meek said that the content of Mr Kerr’s recent letter to the PC was indicative of an internal integrity issue within Cornwall Council in respect of the information that appears to have been provided to its Chief Executive.


CC German also said he had reported the complaints received about excessive noise from an evening function at the Rosevine Hotel to Environmental Health.


On the future of the Mobile Library Service on the Roseland, CC German said that the Advisory Committee was set to recommend to Cabinet that the Service should cease entirely from March 2015. The vote would be taken on 30th July, so this was the last chance for members of the public to register an opinion.


Jon Smith, chairman of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group (SG), reported that there had been much positive feedback from the Exhibition held in the Memorial Hall on 14th June. The SG was now working towards producing a final draft. He handed out copies of a notification of  the statutory 6 weeks consultation period on the pre-submission draft Plan, which will run from 28th July. The target for submission was the end of September or early October.




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 as being a true record. The Chairman signed the minutes.





Financial Regulations

Cllr German said he had asked around other parishes locally and found that they use a threshold of £1,000 above which 3 quotes are sought for works to be done. The clerk said that this would have held up progress on, for example, the tarmac works at the toilets, which were quoted at £2,280, but Cllr German emphasised that the Toilets Committee had in fact considered  3 quotes for that job. There was no further discussion because a revised version of the Financial Regulations was to be considered under item 7 on the agenda.


Cllr German also asked what was the position with regard to the charitable funds administered by the PC since ex-Cllr Davis had resigned from the Council. Cllr Taffinder said the accounts had been made up to the end of March but she had not yet checked them. Cllr German asked Cllr Meek if, with his expertise, he would review the documents and Cllr Meek agreed.


Cllr German asked if the PC could find a separate contractor to spray weeds in the parish. Cllr Symons said he was not convinced of the merits of spraying. It was agreed to make this an agenda item early next year.




Financial Regulations

The clerk presented a revised version of the PC’s Financial Regulations which had previously been circulated by email and which incorporated extra paragraphs from the National Association of Local Councils Model Financial Regulations (updated April 2014).


Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Meek) that the PC adopt the revised Financial Regulations. Carried unanimously.




The correspondence not covered elsewhere in the agenda was reviewed and actions determined.


1. Telephone call

From Mrs Margaret Davis complaining that the villages of Gerrans and Portscatho were “filthy”, referring in particular to roadside weeds, and suggesting that the street cleaner’s hours should be doubled from 20 hours per month to 40 in the summer.


Councillors generally considered the term used was an exaggeration but the clerk was authorised, as funds were available, to ask the contractor to do an extra 20 hours in the coming month concentrating on roadside weeds, and to put on the agenda for next month a proposal to double his summertime hours going forward.  Action clerk








The PC had received 3 applications. These are outlined below and comments are noted in the Planning Register.


Application Description PC decision
PA14/05160 Conversion of Store building to ancillary accommodation at Parkenvaise, Churchtown Road.  Support
PA14//04505 Demolition of existing single storey garage and construction of new 2 bedroom dwelling at land to rear of 6 Churchtown Road Majority object:

6 object

2 Support

1 abstain

PA14/04993 Replacement of flat roofs with pitched, and installation of rooflight at 5 Victoria Terrace Support





PA14/04221   (PC: object)         –  withdrawn

PA14/04001   (PC: support)       –  approved




Nothing to report




Cllr Hetherington said that one matter related to the subject of localism was the pending decision of Cornwall Council on the future of the mobile library service. Cllr Meek said that CC Julian German (who had earlier had to leave the meeting) had told him he had received huge interest in this from Roseland residents.

The clerk was asked to write again to Cornwall Council before the Cabinet meeting on 30th July to emphasise the PC’s concerns on this matter. Action clerk.


Cllr Hetherington and the clerk had both been in touch with the Community Led Local Development Leader programme organisers. No money was yet available from Europe, and they were looking for schemes in outline at this stage.




Cllr German reported attendance at the latest Memorial Hall Committee meeting at which it was confirmed that the extension to the hall was to proceed once building regulations compliance was confirmed.




The clerk had received a reply from Mr Andrew Kerr, Chief Executive of Cornwall Council, to his letter on the subject of the non-enforcement of the S106 agreement relating to this land. The letter had been circulated amongst the Councillors.


There was general frustration at Cornwall Council’s expressed unwillingness to do anything further, and after discussion Cllr Symons proposed (seconded by Cllr Taffinder) that it should be on the agenda at the next meeting for the PC to decide finally whether or not to take on the lease offered notwithstanding its dissatisfaction with the position regarding the ongoing maintenance of the land. Agreed unanimously. Action clerk








The clerk presented a quote from Cormac for £980.17 plus VAT for works in addition to the original job specification. Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Morse) that the quote be accepted. On a vote, 8 Councillors were in favour and Cllr German was against. Proposal carried.  Action clerk





The clerk reported that he had heard via Mr Ed Rimmer that responsibility for this at Tregothnan had now passed to another member of staff who would shortly be contacting him on the surrender of the lease.


It was agreed to form a working party of Councillors to clean out the shed and generally clear up the site on Wednesday 9th July.




Cllr Iddison said that works were progressing well. A member of the public said that the construction was not according to the plans submitted and health and safety laws were being disregarded.


Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Meek) that the Toilets Committee should write to the proprietors of the proposed café to draw the matter to their attention and to seek assurances in these regards. Agreed unanimously.  Action Toilets Committee.




The clerk presented a quote from SSE Lighting Services for £1,238.90 plus VAT for a replacement lamp for light number 035CL on the Lugger. This would replace the lamp previously authorised (at £575.33 plus VAT) at the May meeting and since installed. The light installed was not of the same type as the others on the Lugger. The cost of this lamp would be refunded if the new replacement was ordered. The clerk was asked to order the replacement lamp. Action clerk




In response to complaints from residents at the Lugger, the clerk reported he had begun research into bird proof litter bins. It was decided to make it an agenda item next meeting to review any quotes, or authorise a maximum budget for a trial bin. Action clerk.






It was resolved that the outstanding invoices totalling £7,582.81  (including VAT of £792.31) be paid.  A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th June 2014 was £64,340.10.



All payments were within budget as adjusted by minuted Council decisions.





Cllr Symons was concerned at the recent further landslip at Porthcurnick beach in front of the Hidden Hut. Cllr Taffinder said she had been in touch with the National Trust (NT) who had confirmed they had moved their fence back and posted warning signs at the entrances to the beach.


Cllr Greenslade shared Cllr Symons’ concern and said the PC should make strong representations to the NT to provide further safeguards in the interests of public safety – particularly that of children playing near the sandy cliff. The clerk was asked to write to the Director General of the NT in this regard. Action clerk.


Cllr Morse said that residents of the Gwarak Gwel an Mor estate were complaining about the nuisance smell caused by the local mobile fish and chip van operator pre-cooking his chips in the van on the estate in the mornings. The clerk was asked to write to the operator. Action clerk.



The meeting closed at 9.43 pm

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  1. I am glad that someone has mentioned the weeds in the village they are an eyesore and make the village look scruffy and unkept. Although i don’t live in the village now I care very much for it.

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