Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – April 2013

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the meeting of Gerrans Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in  the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 7th May at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe 


Cllrs     Brewster, Case, Davis, Emmett, Fletcher, George, Hetherington, Mace,  Meek, Symons, Taffinder ( Chairman);  CC J German,  S Skull (Clerk)

6  members of the public  attended.



No contributions.





The Council accepted the draft minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 5th March  2013 as being a true record.  The Chairman signed them.



Burma memorial

Cllt Taffinder confirmed that clearance work in the overgrown area was progressing. Cllr Meek noted that the Pampas Grass still remained. Cllr Taffinder said it was now considerably tidier, and removing it completely would be a big job needing a digger. It was generally agreed to keep the pampas grass under control going forward.

Street Cleaning

The clerk reported one candidate had attended for interview and, being considered satisfactory, had been given the contract with immediate effect

Landslip at Peter’s Splosh

The clerk confirmed he had written to Tregothnan to enquire as to their intentions as regards possibly cutting a new path to give access to the beach. As yet no reply had been received.

School gate

Cllr Taffinder reported the school has now erected a new fence.

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group

CC German said that realistically the Steering Group would not now meet until after the forthcoming elections on May 2nd, and that formal notice of the NDP application had now gone out and had been published in the West Briton.

Cllr Meek confirmed there would be up to 15 members of the Steering Group – one Councillor and two MoP’s from each of the five parishes. It was generally agreed that confirmed nominations should be decided after the elections.

Cllr Meek also pointed out there would be a need for finance from Cornwall Council in the setting up of the NDP – possibly as much as £10,000. There would be an opportunity until July to apply for £7,000 but the PC would need to find some funds itself.

CC German said that Upper Eden NDP had cost £17,000, but that Upper Eden was considerably larger than the Roseland area.

Cllr George remembered that at the time of the formation of the Parish Plan, Councillors’ contributions were given “in kind” by putting in time and expertise.

Cllr Meek suggested the Roseland should develop a draft NDP given the current relaxation in the planning laws, because once a draft plan is registered it has to be taken into consideration in the planning process under the concept of “prematurity”

Cllr Hetherington proposed that the NDP and its Steering Group should be a regular item on the agenda every month to maintain communications between the PC and the Steering Group. The proposal was seconded by Cllr Meek.



The correspondence not covered elsewhere in the agenda was reviewed and actions determined.


Invitation to re-affiliate as members for 203-2014 Unanimous approval. Action clerk

2.Cllr Paul Mace

Notice of his intention to volunteer as a representative MoP on the NDP Steering Group post-election.

3. Cory Environmental

Controlled waste transfer note. The clerk was asked to sign and return this. Action clerk

4. Commemorative bench

A MoP submitted the draft inscription for a previously authorised bench for approval, and enquired as to any existing restrictions on scattering ashes in the Parish. The inscription was authorised and clerk asked to confirm no formal restrictions. Action clerk.

5. Retrospective planning application ref. PA13/00996

Two letters from MoP’s complaining that planning permission was not sought in advance for change of use of part of an outbuilding at Curgurrel Farm. The application was made in the name of a member of Cllr Taffinder’s family and the letters alleged a breach of the Code of Conduct by Cllr Taffinder. Cllr Meek reported he had received similar representations from other MoP’s.

There was a heated discussion during which strong views were expressed but Cllr Hetherington emphasised that there was no question of any illegal behaviour having taken place, that the PC is consulted but does not have the power to authorise planning applications, and that any MoP is free to make an approach to the Standards Committee if they felt there had been a breach of Code of Conduct. Two MoP’s stated they did intend to take the matter further.

6.  Gerrans Green clearance

Two quotes for undertaking the necessary work. After discussion it was decided to award the contract to Mr J Trounce of Portloe subject to a requirement that all green waste be disposed of responsibly and legally. Action clerk to write

7.  St Day Parish Council

A copy of a letter written to the Leader of Cornwall Council concerning the validity of information contained on the Cornwall Homechoice Register. The PC was invited to inform Cornwall Council of its own views. Cllrs Hetherington, Meek and Taffinder felt this would be a matter dealt with in the Cornwall Local Plan in due course and that no such communication was required immediately. There was general agreement.

8.  The Village Housing Guild

A letter outlining a scheme for building affordable housing for local people. After discussion councillors were unclear, despite the draft Cornwall Local Plan, how the new national planning regime which came into force on March 27th would affect potential developments in AONB’s such as the Roseland. Cllr George suggested the Planning Officer be invited to the next Cluster Meeting in the summer to clarify the effect of the new regime here.




The PC had received 1 application. This is outlined below and comments are noted in the Planning Register.

Application Description PC decision
PA13/01341 Erection of a double garage

4 Treventon Close

Mr I Dagger






Nothing to report



 Discussion centred on the need for increased burial space likely to crystallize in 8-10 years’ time. Three potential sites were identified, and the clerk was asked to write to the  landowners concerned identifying the plots involved and to seek an initial indication as to whether such use of their land might be countenanced in principle in the future. No useful discussion could continue concerning these particular sites until this was known. Action clerk to write.



The clerk reported receipt of two local tenders for providing web access to the PC, but that two further tenders were expected imminently. It was generally agreed to defer further consideration until after the election.



The clerk reported there had been no reply as yet from Tregothnan as to possible use of the field other than as a football field. Cllrs George and Fletcher asked whether the PC did in fact wish to continue leasing the land at all and the clerk was asked to write to enquire on what terms the PC could surrender the lease mid term. Action clerk

The clerk was also asked to write to Gerrans AFC advising them that their underlease was terminated due to breaches on their part and to inform them that the PC would seek to recover costs of restoring the field to a safe and acceptable condition. Action clerk. 



Cllr Taffinder presented the Tenancy at Will which required her signature. Cllrs Brewster, Davis and George enquired whether all the necessary pre-handover repairs and maintenance had been completed by Cornwall Council. It was agreed that a site meeting should be arranged between Cllr Taffinder, the clerk and a CC representative and that the tenancy should be signed subject to satisfactory completion of the works. Action Cllr Taffinder to set up meeting.



(a) Drainage

Cllr George confirmed there had been a site meeting with himself, the clerk, CC German and representatives of Cormac and the National Trust in attendance. He had now received the engineer’s report from Cormac and the necessary resurfacing and drainage works had been identified. Cormac had been asked to quote, and the clerk was asked to liaise with Cllrs George and Emmett with regard to alternative contractors. Quotes should also be sought for the wall rebuilding required. Action clerk.

(b) Charges

After discussion it was agreed the pay-and-display charges at New Road should be set as follows:

9 am – 6pm

One hour :  £1.00

All day     ;  £3.00

6pm  –  9am

Overnight £1.00

The charges for permits were set at £18.00 for residents’ permits (valid both at New Road and Percuil), and £20.00 for non-residents’ permits at Percuil only.The clerk was asked to take over administration, empying of the machine and honesty box and banking of receipts and record keeping. A decision as to the  remuneration level for these tasks was deferred.




There was general agreement the PC wished to pay for no more CEO hours than last year but that the deployment of officers within those hours could be made more effective. The clerk was asked to write for a suggested alternative schedule this year. Action cler



The clerk reported that all requested candidates packs had been distributed and confirmed that the deadline for submission of nominations will be noon on 5th April.

The clerk was asked to publicise the election again in the Roseland Magazine and, if possible, on Roseland Online. Action clerk. 




It was resolved that the outstanding invoices tabled on the attached schedule in the total sum of £4,277.83  (including VAT of £130.34) be paid.  It was confirmed that this was within budget


The reconciled bank balance as at 25th March 2013 was £49,510.21.


All payments were within budget.



Cllr Meek reminded the meeting that the period for public consultation on the Cornwall Local Plan would expire on 22nd April and regretted that in his opinion too little time was given over to the consideration of strategic matters at PC meetings compared to what might be termed more parochial matters. It was resolved that the question of agenda setting be a priority for discussion in the new Council. 



Cllr Taffinder thanked Cllrs George, Brewster and Mace, who would not be standing for election, for their service as Councillors. Cllr George had served for 14 years, and his energy and expertise in many areas of the Council’s work over that time were much appreciated, as was Cllr Brewster’s positive and supportive contribution over 9 years of service.


 The meeting closed at 9.58 pm

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