Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – December 2015

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

held on Tuesday 1st December 2015

in the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs German, Hetherington, Meek, Morse, Neal, Taffinder ( Chairman);

CC J German,

S Skull (Clerk)


3 members of the public attended.




The Chairman read out a statement in respect of the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 reminding those in attendance and participating in the meeting that they were liable to be filmed, recorded, photographed or otherwise recorded.




Cllrs Case, Greenslade, Hatwood and Iddison.








Station Manager John Andrew of St Mawes Fire Service, and PCSO Jim Eagles were in attendance to speak on the subject of the dangers caused by obstructive parking in Portscatho.


Mr Andrew presented a list of recent call-outs of the emergency services related to house fires in the Parish. He said that on four occasions recently access through Portscatho had been obstructed by illegal parking opposite the Plume of Feathers pub or along the Lugger, leading to delays which could easily have had fatal consequences. He also explained the physical difficulties encountered in suddenly stopping and starting a fire appliance with loaded water tanks and a full crew. He said an answer was needed and it had to come from the Parish itself.


There followed a discussion as to whether a double red line system could be installed, or a physical barrier to illegal parking was necessary. It was acknowledged that any system of “lines and signs” would only be effective if rigorously enforced, and the clerk indicated that there were financial and practical difficulties in providing an effective enforcement regime over time.


PCSO Eagles said that a number of offenders had been identified and he would be contacting them, but for the offence of obstructing the highway to be prosecuted, the actual obstruction had to be “complete” (i.e. a vehicle had to be actually observed being blocked from getting through) at the moment the Police were in attendance. Cllr Meek said he did not agree that this was the case.


After further discussion and suggestions, the clerk was asked to investigate the possibility of installing physical prevention methods such as raised pavements or bollards. Action clerk


Mr Andrew further said that he was concerned about the frequency of occurrence of house fires in the Parish and reminded the meeting that the Fire Service was willing to make free house visits to give fire prevention advice and install smoke detectors. The clerk said he would highlight this in the next Roseland Magazine article. Action clerk


The Chairman thanked both of the officers for their attendance at the meeting, and a member of the public who had been the subject of the most recent fire rescue wished to place on record her thanks to the Fire Service.




Mrs Brenda Collins said the National Trust had made a good start on the overgrown trees and shrubs in the field below New Road car park, but the border hedge remained too high, so the view to the sea was still obstructed. The clerk said he would investigate. Action clerk




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on 3rd November 2015 as being a true record. The Chairman signed the minutes.




The clerk reported:

– he had made enquiries of the National Trust on the issues raised but had as yet received no reply.

– no quotes for tree surgery had as yet been sought because he had still to receive the maps and photographs from Councillors indicating the exact sites and extent of works required.

– the dangerous overhanging branch at Percuil had now been removed.

– the old, broken wheelie bins and fly-tipped rubbish had now been removed from outside the public conveniences at Percuil.




  1. Letter from Mr Tim Whale

Mr Whale had put in writing the concerns he voiced at the previous meeting concerning the performance of the drains at New Road car park and the implications for coastal erosion.


The clerk said he had replied to Mr Whale that Councillor Neal had volunteered to take over monitoring the condition of the pipes and keeping them clear, and also that the PC had already decided that the simplest and most effective approach to deal with the water still running off the car park at the bottom gate, its lowest point, would be to establish a diversion below the gate, distributing the flow away from the paths, much in the way that Mr Whale himself suggested in his letter. Councillor Iddison had said he would supply a job specification for the clerk so that quotes might now be sought, and the clerk said he would enquire whether the National Trust had any objections. Action clerk







Application Description PC decision
(None) n/a n/a



Councillors considered a pre-application enquiry ref. PA15/03375/PREAPP in respect of the proposed demolition of an existing dwelling (Ansells, Rosevine) and its replacement with a new structure. The PC was not directly invited by the Planning Authority to comment as a consultee, but was in receipt of 3 letters of objection from neighbours, and a copy of a letter of comment from the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Planning Assessment Group (PAG) to the Planning Officer stating that the proposal was not in conformity with the Plan on numerous counts.


Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Taffinder) that the PC should comment, and the clerk should respond to the PAG that the PC was in agreement with their comments. Agreed unanimously. Action clerk


There was a further pre-application enquiry ref. PA15/03503/PREAPP in respect of a proposal to alter a consented holiday lodge from a 3-bed to a 4-bed lodge by means of a flat roof side extension. Cllr German said this would be discussed at the following Friday’s PAG meeting which he would be attending, so he would report back.


Application GPC comment CC Decision
PA15/08536 – Pendennis, New Road Object Approved
PA15/08792 – Tree felling at Trewince Manor Abide by Tree Officer’s decision Approved
PA15/09090 – Droskyn, Rosevine Support Approved



Nothing to report




Community Assets Listing

The clerk reported that he now submitted the application for the listing of the Heritage Centre, receipt of which had been acknowledged, and had begun collecting the necessary details to support an application for listing the school.




CC Julian German reported that Cornwall Council was proposing a Local Devolution Fund to enable Community Network panels to assist devolution and partnership working in local areas. In the case of the Truro and Roseland Panel there would be approximately £70,000 available.


Cllr Morse had attended the Annual General Meeting of Percuil River Moorings Ltd and reported that the licence fees for the coming year would remain the same, and annual turnover was now up to the VAT registration threshold.


Cllr German reported that the Secretary of the Parish charities had now passed to Cllr Iddison copies of the Annual Return and bank mandate and minutes of the latest meeting, which he was intending to bring to this meeting, but had been forced to send his apologies at short notice due to an unavoidable emergency. He said that all the previously outstanding matters were now in hand, and there had been discussions with the school and youth club with a view to giving support to the “Sea Ventures” scheme next year.




The clerk reported that the proposed lease for the small parcel of land at the bottom corner of the field had now been reviewed by, and received from, the PC’s solicitor. All that remained was to complete the necessary local authority search. Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Hetherington) that the lease be signed subject to the search being satisfactory. Unanimously agreed.


Cllr Taffinder reported on a networking and consultation event hosted by the Cornwall County Playing Field Association on 25th November which she and the clerk had attended. She said the event was useful and informative, and they had come away with literature about all aspects of developing open space areas and playgrounds and learned a lot about the practicalities and complications involved and also the potential huge expense which it can involve, particularly in the area of skateboard facilities or zip wires.
Cllr Meek said it was important, given the potential outlay, that any facilities introduced be aimed at the appropriate age group to ensure they would actually be used, and further suggested that items could be introduced incrementally, rather than all at once – both to spread the cost and to gauge the appeal.


Councillors contributed ideas such as a basketball hoop, picnic tables, and a brick-built barbeque for public use. It was agreed to make this an agenda item again at the next meeting, and the clerk said he was also in liaison with a Facebook group set up by Cllr Hatwood and he would update them and invite their suggestions too. Action clerk




The clerk said he had now received from Cornwall Council, and had previously circulated by email, the re-drafted lease and plan, which the PC’s solicitor had returned with some further suggested amendments. Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Taffinder) that the suggested amendments be referred back to Cornwall Council with a view to arriving at a final version for signature. Unanimously agreed. Action clerk




It was agreed that Cllr Taffinder would provide a tree for the festival, and Cllr Neal volunteered to decorate it on behalf of the PC.






The clerk reported that all payments submitted for approval were materially within budget or within forecast and agreed contingency levels where actual figures were unknown at the time of setting the budget.



It was resolved that the outstanding invoices totalling £3,341.54 (including VAT of £75.78) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th November was £53,623.12


PRECEPT FOR 2016/2017

The clerk reported that the proposed formal meeting of the Finance Committee on 11th November had to be cancelled at very short notice due to unforeseeable and unavoidable events, and it had not been possible to reschedule. However, the matter of the precept, and the clerk’s budget forecast figures, were discussed by email amongst the Committee, and the recommended precept for 2016/2017 was set at £20,710. This represents an increase of £908 on the current year, made up partly of RPI inflation in the year to October, and partly to provide the promised contribution to the ongoing costs of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan, but mostly to allow for an estimated extra administrative cost in processing planning applications for review by the PC to be devolved by Cornwall Council as from January 4th 2016, which will now recur annually. Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Hetherington) that the precept be approved. On a vote, 5 Councillors agreed, and Cllr Meek abstained. Precept approved. Action clerk to process application.





  1. Any urgent business


– None


  1. Matters to be included on the next agenda


– None other than as minuted previously.


  1. Minor items for report


– Cllr German said Cllr Iddison was to be congratulated for his work in tidying up the bank at Treloan Lane car park.


– The clerk was asked to arrange for the street cleaner to remove the detritus left on Gerrans Hill as a result of the recent hedge cutting. Action clerk


– Cllr Hetherington reported that the building work at Trewithian (queried at the last meeting) did, in fact, appear to be in line with planning consent

– Cllr Hetherington also said a member of the public had complained to him about the upkeep of Well Lane. CC German said he would ask the Footpath Officer at Cornwall Council to investigate.


– Cllr Meek wished everybody “Nadelik lowen ha bledhen nowydh da”!




The meeting closed at 9.30 pm

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