Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – March 2015

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

                                           held on Tuesday 3rd March 2015                                        

                                                   in the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 7th April 2015 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs Case, Edwards, German, Greenslade, Hatwood, Hetherington, Iddison, Meek, Morse, Symons, Taffinder ( Chairman);

CC J German, S Skull (Clerk)


5 members of the public attended.




The Chairman read out a statement in respect of the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 reminding those in attendance and participating in the meeting that they were liable to be filmed, recorded, photographed or otherwise recorded.








Cllrs Symons and Hatwood both declared a non registerable interest in the pre-application enquiry in respect of the former football field (to be discussed in item 8 on the agenda).




Mr John Adams, Secretary of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan (RNDP) Steering Group (SG), reported that the RNDP was now fully compliant with the relevant legislation. The date of the actual referendum was now likely to be in June 2015. Mr Adams also presented a document identifying the 7 key stages in the first 6 months of the proposed 2-year implementation plan.


Mr Peter Walker, proprietor of Treloan campsite, reported that Tregothnan Estate had granted his business a lease on the former football field. It was proposed to use the site to provide extra camping facilities in the high season only. As there was a pre-application enquiry in respect of this proposal scheduled for discussion under item 8 on the agenda it was agreed that Mr Walker would stay and be available to answer any questions on the matter then.




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 as being a true record. The Chairman signed the minutes.




Cllr Hetherington reminded the meeting that the next meeting of the Community Network Panel would be held at Feock on Thursday 10th March. The main topic for discussion would be local traffic management.


CC German said that the Highways Agency was checking ownership of the grassed areas at Springfield, that the pavements on the Lugger were now on the maintenance schedule, and that Cornwall Council was writing to the owners of the property opposite the Rosevine Hotel regarding the unauthorised roadside fencing.





The clerk reported there was no correspondence which did not relate to matters already on the agenda.






The PC had received 1 new application. This is outlined below and comments are noted in the Planning Register.


Application Description PC decision
PA15/01097 Proposed extension including rooflights at 1, Springfield. Majority support:

10 in favour, 1 abstention




  1. Draft plans for on-site buildings to support the use of the former football field, in high season, to provide extra camping facilities were presented by the owners of Treloan Campsite. After discussion, Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Greenslade) that the PC should support the proposal in principle subject to there being a planning condition that the number of pitches be limited to 36, and the period of use be limited to 8 weeks of the year. This was carried by 9 votes to 2


  1. A design statement document in support of a proposal for a new dwelling in the garden of Chapel House, Well Lane was considered, and Ms Sue Walters, of the firm of consultants representing the applicants, was present to add background information and answer questions. She said the proposal represented sustainable development within the existing planning framework, and that the applicants had the support of local residents and would accept the stipulation that the new building would become their principal private residence.

Cllr Taffinder said she remembered that the reason for the PC’s objection to a previous application to develop this site had been the infringement of the settlement boundary. Cllrs German and Hetherington were both of the opinion that, according to the emerging RNDP, the building of an open-market value house outside the settlement boundary would not be supported. Cllr Hetherington said the RNDP view was that any development outside the settlement envelope has to be 100% affordable.

After lengthy discussion, Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Hetherington) that the PC should maintain the principles of the RNDP and not support the proposal. This was unanimously agreed.




PA14/11940 & PA14/11941 (PC: object)   – Approved


Councillors expressed their disappointment that this decision had been made by delegated authority despite the PC’s express request for the matter to be taken to Committee. Cllr Hetherington said that Cornwall Council had nevertheless followed the existing protocol and were technically within their rights. The clerk was asked to write to express the PC’s disappointment and to suggest the protocol be re-examined in the light of the RNDP. Action clerk.




Nothing to report




Cllrs Taffinder, German and Meek reported, on behalf of the Charities Committee, that Cllr Meek had prepared a detailed analysis of the state of affairs of the 2 funds. There still remained certain legalities and constitutional matters to be addressed, including the need to appoint one or perhaps two further trustees.It was agreed that candidates should be sought, and to discuss the matter again at the next meeting. Action clerk to put on agenda.


Cllr German reported that the Memorial Hall Committee had met and that they were waiting for drier weather before work could be started on the proposed improvements.




Cllr Hetherington noted the Post Office Ltd response to the consultation on the future of Portscatho Post Office, and the decision to go ahead with the relocation to Ralph’s store.


Cllr German reported that there had been an attendance of about 300 at a recent public meeting in St Mawes in support of keeping the pharmacy there open.




The clerk reported that the PC’s preferred option of taking a 99 year lease on the parcel of land (informally known as “Brian’s garden”) which is not subject to the S106 agreement was due to be discussed at a meeting of the Enys Estate the following day.


The initial works required to make the site safe were discussed and it was agreed to prioritise the fencing of the perimeter. The clerk was asked to prepare a job specification and seek tenders for the work, and also to consult with the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents in respect of a risk assessment. Action clerk


Cllr Meek said he would begin the preparation of an ongoing maintenance schedule.




The clerk reported that, following a meeting with representatives of Cormac Ltd, a revised quotation of £6,250 (as against the original quote of £11,000) had been received for the restoration of the Parish parking restrictions to an enforceable condition. After discussion, Cllr Edwards proposed (seconded by Cllr Hatwood) that the quote be accepted. Ten Councillors voted in support of the proposal and Cllr Greenslade abstained. Action clerk to contact Cormac Ltd.


The clerk also presented for discussion a draft proposal for revised charges at the New Road pay and display car park for the year beginning 1st May 2015. The proposed new tariff was as follows:

–   Charging period: 24 hours 9.00 am -9.00am

–   Up to 1 hour                         £1.20

–   2 – 3 hours                           £2.50

–   All day 9.00am – 6.00pm       £3.50

–   6.00pm – 9.00am                 £1.00


After discussion, Cllr Edwards proposed (seconded by Cllr Taffinder) that the revised tariff be approved. On a vote, 10 councillors supported the proposal and Cllr Case voted against. Action clerk to arrange and advertise.


It was reported that door on the honesty box at Percuil was broken and open. The clerk said he would investigate. Action clerk





Cllr Edwards reported that he had made further progress in researching the likely costs of a complete refurbishment of the toilets at Percuil. The works would comprise the 5 elements of plumbing, restoring an electricity supply, roofing, decoration, and safer housing of the wheelie bins. He was awaiting a more detailed document from his contacts. The clerk presented a quote from Seth Toms, first received in September, for £380 in respect of basic essential repairs to the plumbing and drainage systems at Percuil toilets.


There was discussion over whether there was a financial case for improving the toilets, who benefited from their being open, and whose responsibility were the wheelie bins. Cllr Greenslade proposed (seconded by Cllr Edwards) that the quote be accepted as an immediate step. Nine councillors voted in favour of the proposal and Cllrs German and Symons voted against. The clerk said he would contact Mr Toms and also research ownership of the bins and the toilet building and prepare a financial report on the running of the toilets. Action clerk


The provision of a cupboard to house the loose cleaning equipment stored in the disabled facility at Portscatho was also discussed. Cllr Taffinder said she would investigate the minimum legal dimensions of a disabled toilet, research likely costs and report at the next meeting.




Cllr German reported that the Club had already secured the grant for which it was seeking the PC’s support, so there was no further discussion of this matter.






It was resolved that the outstanding invoices totalling £2,952.59 (including VAT of £123.18) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th February was £52, 779.53




Cllr Iddison thanked Cllr Symons for his work in trimming the overgrown hedges at Fernbank.


Cllr Meek asked again about progress with repairing the church clock. The clerk said the matter was still in the hands of the maintenance contractors and he would continue to pursue the matter.


Cllr German reported he was informed that the Western Greyhound bus services 550 and 551 would cease as from 4th May. Cornwall Council would be putting the routes out to tender but no definite alternative arrangements were yet available. He also complained about dog mess on the old football field and the poor state of repair of the Wendy house in the playground. Cllr Case said he already had the paint for the Wendy house and was waiting for a dry spell to carry out the work.


Cllr Edwards said he had been asked by a parishioner whether any goalposts potentially to be installed at Church Close would be permanent fixtures. There was general agreement that this would not be the case.



The meeting closed at 9.44 pm

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