Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – October 2013

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

                                            held on Tuesday 1st October 2013                                        

                                             in  the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 5th November at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe



Cllrs   Case, Davis, Emmett, Fletcher, German, Hatwood, Iddison, Morse, Symons,

Taffinder ( Chairman);  CC J German, S Skull (Clerk)

Also Mr Jon Smith – chairman of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

No other members of the public attended.






–  Cllr Greenslade (illness)




– Cllr Iddison declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in  “Correspondence” (item 6 on the agenda) as his firm is the  managing agent for the owner of 8 Victoria Terrace.




CC German reported that there would be a public consultation meeting at 6.30 pm on Friday 4th October at County Hall about Cornwall Council’s proposed budget for the forthcoming financial year. The meeting would be open to all.




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd September  2013 as being a true record. The Chairman signed the minutes.





Cllr Hatwood reported he had sourced a portable bin store which could be used at peak times to supplement the storage space by the toilets. As the cost was below £100, it was decided to authorise the clerk to purchase the item (proposed Cllr Hatwood, seconded Cllr Taffinder). Action clerk


It was reported that the roadside brambles at Porthcurnick had still not been cut back. The clerk said he would follow this up again. Action clerk


Cllr Davis reported on the Roseland Defibrillator Project. He said that a  local GP had clarified that the local practice had chosen not to acquire defibrillators not on the grounds that they were ineffective, but because other equipment was deemed more of a priority. Cllr Davis said there was charity money available and thought the PC ought to move to purchase defibrillators now the issue had been raised. He was trying to arrange a meeting with Philleigh PC to discuss match-funding.


Cllr German enquired as to the likely ongoing maintenance costs. Cllr Davis replied that no expense would be incurred by the PC in this regard.


It was agreed to make this issue an agenda item at the next meeting. Action clerk




The correspondence not covered elsewhere in the agenda was reviewed and actions determined.


1.  Letter concerning the binstore at Victoria House, The Lugger

(Cllr Iddison left the room while this matter was discussed)


The owner of Victoria House had sent an email in response to the PC’s previously expressed objection to the construction of an external binstore. It was his belief that the binstore was a sensible and proportionate structure and disagreed that it obstructed the use of the passageway.


After discussion, Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr German) that the clerk should notify the owner that the PC was not satisfied with this response, and refer the matter to the Footpaths Officer at Cornwall Council. This was agreed unanimously. Action clerk


2.  Memorial Hall Kitchen

A letter from the secretary of the Memorial Hall asking for suggestions as to possible improvements. The clerk was asked to reply that the PC was not a user of the kitchen as such but supported the general principle of upgrading.  Action clerk





Cllr Davis reported on behalf of the Charities Committee. He said that a meeting had been held to amend the constitution of the Martin Baker Harris Charity to include two new trustees, namely Cllrs German and Iddison.




The clerk reported that he had received an email from Enys Estate’s agent saying he was still receiving no co-operation from Devon and Cornwall Housing.


Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Hatwood) that the clerk be asked to contact Tim Marsh of Cornwall Council’s Planning Department with a view to instigating possible enforcement measures. This was agreed unanimously. Action clerk





Jon Smith, Chairman of the Steering Group, presented an update on progress. The responses to the questionnaire, and comments received at the various summer events, had been collated and analysed to gauge the relative priority given by residents to various issues. This analysis is being finalised to produce a subsequent refined questionnaire to be distributed from 1st November. If this deadline cannot be achieved the Group would probably delay the project until January. A letter would be distributed prior to the questionnaire explaining how residents will be consulted on the plan.


Cllr Taffinder thanked Mr Smith for his report and Cllr German asked councillors to volunteer again to distribute literature.





–  New Road car park resurfacing works update

The clerk reported he had received 2 quotes and was expecting to receive a further 3 before the next meeting.

Cllr Case asked if the internal dividing walls might be taken down to provide further spaces. This was seconded by Cllr Hatwood and approved by 9 votes to 1. The clerk was asked to request that the quotes from contractors be amended to take account of this. Action clerk


–  Review of car park financing

The clerk produced a report demonstrating the costs incurred and revenues generated by all three of the car parks operated by the PC over the last 12 months. Cllr Hatwood suggested placing an honesty box in the Treloan Lane car park because at present it generates no income. Cllr German said this measure had failed previously in the Memorial Hall car park. Cllr Symons said the signage at Gerrans was out of date, and blue and white “P” signs should be used.


It was agreed that the car parks committee should meet before the next full Council meeting to discuss in detail the various issues currently extant, including the possibility of renegotiating the lease on New Road car park. Action car parks committee.



–  Parking in Portscatho Square

Cllr Hatwood said he was waiting for an update from Cormac as to the amendment of the current arrangements.


Cllr Taffinder said it was important for the PC to define its position as regards the new spaces to be created by the removal of portions of double yellow lines on the south side of the road. She proposed (seconded by Cllr Symons) that waiting in these spaces be restricted to one hour and no return within three hours, in line with the rest of The Square. This was passed unanimously.


There followed a discussion during which several suggestions were made for new parking restrictions that might be included in the next parking order. The clerk was asked to ensure this matter would be on the agenda at the next meeting. Action clerk.



PUBLIC CONVENIENCES  –  Funding options

The clerk reported he had been informed by the relevant Cornwall Council officer that CC would have no objection in principle to the building being used for another purpose which might bring in funds so long as public convenience facilities are still provided. The PC would have to submit a firm proposal in the first instance and Landlord’s consent would be required for any structural alterations proposed.


Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Hatwood) that a Toilets Committee be formed. This was unanimously agreed, and Cllrs Hatwood, German and Taffinder volunteered to be committee members.


Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Iddison) that Cllr Hatwood be asked to investigate possibilities further and that the Toilets Committee should meet to consider the matter and report at the next PC meeting. This was agreed unanimously. Action Toilets Committee.





Cllr Taffinder produced a copy of a safety review carried out by Cormac on 15th June 2010, which concluded that there were no safety issues at the site.


There followed a discussion in which concerns that pedestrian injuries were continuing were again raised and various suggestions made. Cllr Fletcher proposed (seconded by Cllr Iddison) that Cormac be asked to revisit the safety review in the light of recent evidenced injuries. This was agreed unanimously and the clerk was asked to contact Cormac. Action clerk.






The PC had received 2 applications. These are outlined below and the PC’s comments were subsequently lodged under “Consultee Comments” in the Online Planning Register.


Application Description PC  Comment
PA13/07111 Tree works at Trewince Manor Unanimous support
PA13/08151 Gutter and drainpipe alterations at Trewince Manor Unanimous support









PA13/06673  (majority objection by PC)     –  approved

PA13/05623  (unanimous objection by PC)  –  refused





Nothing to report






It was resolved that the outstanding invoices in the total sum of £5,152.47 (including VAT of  £111.56) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th September 2013 was £80,580.72



All payments were within budget except for Portscatho toilets expenses and the increased clerk’s hours. Both these categories had been authorised by minuted Council decisions.




Cllr Case recommended that regular sweeping of the yellow lines at Porthcurnick should be included in the street cleaner’s contract next year. The clerk was asked to arrange this. Action clerk


Cllr Symons reported that the footpath from Trewince Farm to Percuil was in a dangerous condition, and Cllr Taffinder said the coast path below the Driftwood Hotel had become overgrown. The clerk was asked to report both matters to the Footpaths Officer. Action clerk


Cllr German cited various locations where residents were failing to keep shrubbery from protruding on to the pavements. The clerk said he would distribute more reminder notices. Action clerk


Cllr Emmett expressed his intention to resign as a Parish Councillor, which Cllr Taffinder acknowledged with regret.


Cllr Taffinder reported that Percuil River Moorings Ltd had informed her that they did indeed need a representative of the Parish Council to attend meetings, and Cllr Davis volunteered.



                                                  The meeting closed at 9.30 pm

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