Heritage Project Seeks Your Attic Archives

Re-collect-azook2A new heritage project for Cornwall has been launched and will be visiting Portscatho this weekend. Team members from the Re:collect Project will be at the Chapel on The Lugger this Saturday to share film, audio and photographic archives of Portscatho, Gerrans and the local area. The Re:collect Project Team have been working with some local private collectors and are keen to share what they have found so far.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to have a look at archive material from local communities and share their knowledge about the activities, people and events shown.

Re-collect-azook1Project Manager, Claire White told Roseland Online, “We’re also hoping people will  come forward with archive material that they have been storing in their homes. It would be wonderful if someone turned up to see us with cine film, audio reels or an unusual photograph. There are some real gems lurking in attics around Cornwall and we are keen to bring them to light. People on the Roseland may have photos or film of regattas, local celebrations or other aspects of Cornish life.”

The Re:collect Project has been supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and FEAST to bring together some of Cornwall’s finest audio-visual collections and put them online for the first time.

Azook Director, Tim Robins, said, “The idea came about when the company was seeking archive film to support their work with schools. We were finding amazing archive collections and sharing all the film, audio and photographs that we could with Cornish schools. Realising that collection holders were keen to share the material with the wider public we came up with the idea of an online archive for audio-visual heritage. The £225,000 of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund is enabling us to preserve archive collections for use by communities both today and into the future.”

The Re:collect Project team will be at the Chapel on The Lugger from 10am on Saturday 24th August.

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