Important Changes to Refuse and Recycling Collections

07.03.12: From the 2nd of April, Cornwall Council will be making changes to householder’s rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections. All households will receive information direct through the post about the changes to these services.

For the Roseland, rubbish collections will stay on Mondays and the fortnightly recycling collections will move from Fridays to Mondays from April 2nd. For the other areas, you’ll probably find that your fortnightly recycling collections will fall on the same day as your refuse collections.

Roseland residents should already have a black box for glass, a red sack for paper and a yellow sack for cans and plastic bottles. In addition to this, a reusable orange sack will be delivered to all households for recycling their cardboard in.

Roseland’s councillor and portfolio holder for the environment, Julian German, said in an email, “Cornwall Council does not intend to waste taxpayer’s money by replacing existing reusable boxes and bags with new ones. We have taken into account that not all residents will have all of the equipment that was originally delivered to their properties by the former District/Borough Councils. We have therefore ordered sufficient containers to deliver any additional containment to households on request.”

This service change will be a vast operation, and it will take at least a couple of months to deliver all of the equipment to every property in Cornwall. Delivery will begin in the eastern half of Cornwall in March, where there is currently no reusable equipment. Roseland Online’s catchment area of Mid Cornwall already has some of this equipment and so we will be able to continue to recycle as we currently do (on the new dates, of course) until the additional equipment arrives.

Each delivery of recycling containers will be accompanied by a leaflet that will explain how householders should use the new service.

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