Local Re-enactment Gets Her Majesty’s Approval

A group of Roseland children have created such an impressive re-enactment of The Queen’s Coronation of 1953 that her majesty herself wrote through her lady-in-waiting to bestow her delight.

The re-enactment was created for the Queen’s 50th celebrations in 2002 and producer Yvonne Fuller will be recreating this spectacular on Jubilee Monday for the Queen’s 60th Jubillee.

Yvonne told Roseland Online, “We gave our first re-enactment for The Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and The Queen herself watched our video and sent this message through her lady in waiting Lady Susan Hussey. The letter said:

“Her Majesty wishes me to thank you so much for letting her have these souvenirs of the Golden Jubilee celebrations at St Mawes and of what was obviously a wonderful re-enactment of her Coronation in 1953.  The Queen was touched by the hard work and attention to detail which went into this splendid project and by the dedication of all who were involved with it.  Please tell all the children who took part in the “Coronation” how glad Her Majesty was to see this serious and moving re-enactment”.

Yvonne added, “For the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in St Mawes, on Monday 4th June, to honour The Queen’s long reign and to give younger people the opportunity to experience something of that great day, the children of St Mawes Primary School and The Roseland School will recreated that event in “The Children’s Coronation”.”

This dramatic full scale re-enactment, complete with the Crown Jewels and an 8’6″ tall Gold State Coach, will take place at 10.45am on Jubilee Monday through the streets of St Mawes and will include many of the original props from that ‘royally approved’ re-enactment.

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