Local Residents Reject Latest Proposals For Development At Pendower Beach

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Local residents met with developers last night and voted resoundingly to reject the latest proposals to redevelop the “Pink Hotel” site at Pendower Beach.

More than 150 local residents attended the public meeting to discuss proposals for the Pendower Beach House Hotel.   The meeting, chaired by Julian German, Cornwall Councillor for the Roseland, was designed to give the developers an opportunity to present their proposals. Whilst there is currently no formal planning application, this public engagement allowed the developers to hear of any issues or concerns, so these can be taken into account prior to any formal planning application in due course.

The meeting heard a presentation by Koha architects which included the construction of semi detached and apartment dwellings which would be offered for sale on the open market.  The site and any seasonal rentals of the properties might be managed by Mark Warner Hotels who are involved in the project.  The developer denied that any local hotelier had approached them about building and running a small hotel on the site.

Themes emerging from the meeting and concerns of local residents included:

  • Viability of a small hotel rather than a large development;
  • Pendower is a very special place with a unique character;
  • Concerns that there may be ruins of a 15th or 16th Century farmhouse under the site;
  • Safety in the car park at end of Rocky Lane with extra traffic;
  • Height of the buildings;
  • Impact on views from the SW Coastal Path;
  • Sufficient parking;
  • Coastal erosion;
  • Affordable homes;
  • Quality of jobs on offer;
  • Levels of protection under AONB very high, would any development meet them?;
  • Loss of trees;
  • Access for construction vehicles via Rocky Lane which is very narrow.

The developers told the meeting that detailed consultations were continuing prior to any application being submitted and that these concerns would be taken in to account.  They accepted that any formal planning application would require the prior support of the local community.

Two informal votes were taken at the end of the meeting.  Local Residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new business on this brownfield site, but unanimously against the plans as presented this evening.

You can find more information about the proposals on the Cornwall Council website by putting the planning reference PA17/01864/PREAPP into the planning portal or by following this link: http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=OSNYT2FG0IS00

2 Comments on Local Residents Reject Latest Proposals For Development At Pendower Beach

  1. This represents a huge over-development of this unique, beautiful and important site. Greed seems to be the prime motive, yet again. Little or no thought about impact, or aesthetics. There is going to have to be some development here, sadly we will lose some of the precious wildness of the place, but no one has satisfactorily addressed the huge question of safe and viable access beginning with the excavators and culminating with the hoards of summer?! And no one even mentioned the drains!!! Plumbing was always a problem in the old hotel, I believe!! Why so many units? I can only assume they really want about half this, and are hoping to make later concessions on size and numbers, hoping to look conciliatory, or am I just being cynical? Too big, too greedy, and not the right place for an upmarket holiday camp. Come on,let’s have something that enhances,not ruins this wonderful place!

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