Meet the Developers at Gerrans Hill

14.07.11: Linden Homes, the developer who is responsible for the Gerrans Hill development want to invite all those interested to a ‘thank-you cuppa’ on July 22nd. They are keen to thank everyone for putting up with the ongoing construction and meet the residents and the community as a whole.

Annie Ellis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Linden Homes told Roseland Online, “We’d like to invite the local residents of Portscatho, for an informal chat and get some feedback on how they feel we managed the local issues and how we can improve our relations with locals for future developments. We’ll be supplying tea and cake and both I and our Sales Executive will be present. I have also asked the local agent to pop in for an hour. We have had a few issues on the site that have been resolved and ken to show off the product and chat to the locals.”

The meeting will be held on Friday July 22nd between 2 and 4pm, so why not pop in and meet the developers and ask any questions you may have on the build?

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