Mevagissey Parish Council Agenda – October 2014


Chairman                                                                                                                       Clerk to the Council

Mr M Roberts                                                                                                                 Mr P Howson

Rowan                                                                                                                           Trevellion

Tregoney Hill                                                                                                                 School Hill

Mevagissey                                                                                                                    Mevagissey

PL26 6RF                                                                                                                      PL26 6TH

01726 842267                                                                                                                 07570 832669                                                                          

To all members of the Parish Council

Dear Councillor,


You are summoned to attend the next meeting.

It will be held at the MAC on Thursday 16 October 2014, starting at 7pm.

Planning considerations will be on display from 6.30pm.

The formal meeting of the Council will follow after Public participation.

Yours faithfully

PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council


  1. Apologies.


2a.        Declarations of interest.                             2b.        Gift Declarations.


  1. Police Community Support Officer.


  1. Dog Control Enforcement Officer


  1. Points from the Public.


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2014.


  1. Actions from previous meeting(s).


  1. Planning.


8a.        PA14/09447 : Retrospective listed building consent for knocking through of two rooms into one in modern extension.

Buckingham House, 17 Tregoney Hill, Mevagissey.


8b.        PA14/07820 : Listed Building consent to remove the existing Black-jacked coated slates and re-instate with New    Slate. The Candy Shop, East Wharf, Mevagissey.


For information only:


8c.        PA14/07806 : Rooms in roof addition to existing first floor flat, with utility rooms and escape staircase on site of    existing store. Harbour House, The Cliff, Mevagissey.                                                REFUSED


8d.        PA14/06628 : Proposed new dwelling on land adjacent to Ava House, Mevagissey.        REFUSED


8e.        PA14/06593 : Retrospective Listed Building Consent for works to a listed building. 2A Chapel Street, Mevagissey.


8f.         PA14/07852 : Two storey side extension and enlargement of conservatory. Stonebury, Cliff Street, Mevagissey.


8g.        PA14/06372 : Proposed extension, dormers and re-furbishment. Centernhay Cottage 1 Tregoney Court, Mevagissey.


8h.        PA14/06878 : Demolition of the existing derelict structure previously a four bedroom house and the front wall facing            Polkirt Hill. For the construction of a new five bedroom dwelling house with roof accommodation and a basement       garage. 59 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey.                                                                                    REFUSED


8i.        PA14/06816 : Listed building consent to install internal WC and build timber stud partition to separate from         bedroom. 8 Bank Street Mevagissey.                                                                     APPROVED



8j.        PA14/01555 : Remove existing flat roofed single storey garage/store building and erect new two storey pitched roof apartment block (4no. units) for year-round short term holiday let apartments. Addition of one parking bay, etc…

Spa Hotel Polkirt Mevagissey St. Austell PL26 6UY.                                                           APPEAL ALLOWED


8k.        PA14/04298 : Proposed two semi-detached dwellings on land between 33 and 36 Pentillie Way, Mevagissey.

NOTE: A Formal Site Meeting of the C.C. Central Planning Committee takes place on Wednesday 22 October at 12           noon. Members of the Parish Council and of the Public may attend and speak. The Application will then be formally    considered at the next meeting of the Central Planning Committee on 27 October.


  1. Finances


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 646.29    
  HMRC £ 210.54    
  Planning meeting expenses £ 19.45    
  Cost of FOI request £ 6.70    
  Little Nippers grant £ 500.00    
  TOTAL £ 1,382.98    
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 16,780.15    
  Expenditure last month £ 856.83    
  Precept (Part 2) £ 10,506.00   Received
  CTC Grant (Part 2) £ 920.03   Received
  FOI request fee £ 6.70   Received
  Bank interest £ 2.71   Received
  Balance (money in bank) £ 28,258.76    
  Unpresented cheques (101126, 29) £ 900.00    
  Available to spend £ 27,358.76    
  Bank Statements (01/10/2014):        
  Current Account     £ 989.87
  Deposit Account     £ 27,268.89
  TOTAL     £ 28,258.76


  1. Devolution – update.


  1. Adoption of Standing Orders amended for the new Openness regulations.


  1. Authorisation to accept Cormac quote of £1778.00 (excl. VAT) for renovation of seating at Hitler’s Walk.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan: progress and allocation of further funds – Cllr. Shephard.


  1. Provision of gate for the War Memorial – Cllr. Hrydziuszka.


  1. Date of next meeting : 20 November 2014


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