Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – April 2014


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 17th April 2014 at 7pm.


Present              Cllrs. M Roberts (Chair), M Facey, J Morgan, J Daniel, G Shephard, C Robins, J Arthur, M Bunney (CC).

Apologies          Cllrs. S Hrydziuszka, J Feeley, E Chesterfield, J Barron, A Williams, J Whatty.

In Attendance      PJ Howson (Clerk), Mr Robert Freer of Space Design Architecture Ltd.




  1. Declarations of interest.    None.
  2. Gift Declarations.             None.


  1. Police Report. A written report had been received for the period 17 March – 14 April detailing 3 crimes committed:

1 burglary, 1 common assault & battery, 1 rape of female aged 16 or over. The burglary was at the same Penwarne Lane property which was burgled last month, suggesting that the perpetrator has some knowledge of when the property is unoccupied; and the two other crimes are linked, and are currently being investigated.

Cllr. Morgan reported problems with overnight parking on double yellow lines in Cliff Street causing obstructions.             Clerk to report this to the authorities for intervention.


  1. Presentation by Mr Robert Freer of Space Design Architecture Ltd. on proposed development on land between 33    and 37 Pentillie Way (PA14/00230/PREAPP refers). Council felt that the proposed design was in keeping. Concerns          were expressed about construction traffic, but, assuming the provision of off-street parking was maximised, the             Council would be inclined to support this proposal.


  1. Points from the Public.      No public in attendance.


  1. Minutes.  Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Facey that the Minutes of 20th March be Accepted.                                                                                                            Carried.
  2. Actions from previous meeting:
  • Cllr. Facey reported that the village sign near the Tregiskey crossroads had been renovated and re-installed.
  • Cllr. Bunney reported that he is still pursuing the Highways Area Manager for the “donation” of a couple of road signs for traffic management at community events. This is becoming more urgent as we move closer to Feast Week.
  • Cllr. Bunney reported that the Committee date for the Treloen and Spa Hotel planning applications was set for 9th June, and the Steep House applications may be on that date as well. Representation by MPC is desirable, and the Planning Sub-Committee will meet in advance of that date to plan their approach.
  • Cllr. Bunney reported that no bus companies had tendered for the School Hill / Gorran route, and the tender was now being extended to the companies who operate the school buses.


  1. Planning : no applications this month. The following for information only:


  1. PA14/01453 : Two-storey lean-to form extension to rear of the property. 54 Cliff Street, Mevagissey.


  1. PA14/00437 : New Dwelling and garage (variation to the existing approved new dwelling and garage       ref:PA12/04131). 31 Portmellon Park Mevagissey Mevagissey PL26 6XD      APPROVED


  1. Finances


Bills to Pay Clerk’s salary £ 646.29    
  Income Tax & NIC £ 210.54    
  St Peters PCC (Church & Spire) £ 350.00    
  CALC Membership 2014/15 £ 507.28    
  CALC – Audit Training £ 36.00    
  Cornwall Council – Enforcement Training £ 95.00    
  Jubilee Hall – grant towards new gents’ WC £ 1,750.00    
  MAC – grant towards maintenance £ 1,750.00    
  NALC – reference book £ 54.99    
  Renovation of village sign £ 225.00    
  Internal audit £ 50.00    
  TOTAL £ 5,675.10    
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 18,647.18    
  Expenditure last month £ 1,132.37    
  Precept (part 1) £ 10,506.00   Received
  CTC Grant (part 1) £ 920.04   Received
  Bank interest (31/03/14) £ 2.68   Received
  Balance (money in bank) £ 28,943.53    
  Available to spend £ 28,943.53    
  Bank Statements (01/04/2014):        
  Current Account     £ 188.58
  Deposit Account     £ 17,328.91
  TOTAL     £ 17,517.49


Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Robins that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.


Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that £50 be paid for the internal audit.


The Annual Accounts and Annual Governance Statement were signed off by the Chairman.


  1. Nominations for co-option of Councillor. None received.


  1. Proposals for prioritisation of improvements to road signs (from last meeting) – Cllr. Bunney

Prioritisation agreed and Cllr. Bunney will liaise with Highways. In addition, there is a proposal to investigate the improvement of fish loading times by allowing two-way traffic back to Kiers Car Park and the provision of a lorry loading space at that point. Proposed by Cllr. Morgan, Seconded by Cllr. Robins that MPC supports this proposal for a trial period of one year and the Clerk is to confirm this in writing to Cllr. Bunney.     Carried.


  1. Council response to C.C. document Proposed Submission Local Plan – Strategic Policies.

Clerk to submit Cllr. Shephard’s paper on behalf of the Council.


  1. Improvements to play facilities at Pentillie and Valley Road playgrounds.

Cllr. Facey reported that Sarah Buchanan had agreed to organise a focus group to agree proposals. Cllr. Facey will remain involved and report back to Council. Clerk to confirm that the Lamorak Close play area can be included.


  1. Provision of residents’ parking permits for Beach Road and Pentillie – Cllr. Shephard

After discussion, Council agreed that they could not support this proposal.


  1. School Hill development – update. Nothing to report.


  1. Additional items.


15a)      English Heritage want to assess the War Memorial for possible listing. Clerk to discover the implications and report back to Council.


15b)      Cllr. Robins reported that the Social Club have asked for a grant towards training staff to operate their new defibrillator. Cllr. Robins to ask the Club to provide a written request including full details of costs, training provider, etc.


  1. The meeting ended at 20:55.

Date of next meeting : the Annual Parish Assembly and AGM will take place at 7pm on Thursday 8th May, and the next Council Meeting will be on Thursday 15th May 2014


Signed………………………………..Chairman                                Dated…………………………..

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