Mevigissey – Annual Parish Assembly


To all Electors of local government of Mevagissey Parish


Dear Parishioner,

Annual Parish Assembly

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Parish Assembly which will be held in the Mevagissey Activity Centre on Thursday 8th May 2014 commencing at 1900hrs.

Councillors are reminded this is a meeting for the local Government Electors registered for this Parish and not a Council meeting although Councillors are expected to attend.


Yours Faithfully

PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council



  1. If present the Council Chairman must take the Chair in his absence the Vice Chairman to take the Chair.  In his/her absence an elected person to take the Chair.
  1. The election of a clerk for the meeting.
  1. Minutes of the last meeting.
  1. Parish Council’s annual brief by the Chairman.
  1. Questions from the Public
  1. Any business the Chairman considers to be urgent.
  1. The AGM will follow the Annual Parish Assembly.



PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council


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