New Local Radio Urgent Call-Out for Help

thehubThe new radio station for South Central Cornwall ‘The Hub Radio’ has the base for their 15m transmission mast which will be sited at Grogarth Farm, near Tregony.

Although they won’t start broadcasting for a while yet, they are up against the clock in getting the mast up because the land owner needs to plough and plant the field very soon, meaning a lack of vehicular access to the site.

On Saturday 4th May, they need to urgently mix and pour approximately 2.5 cubic meters of concrete, around the base pole for our mast. This will need to be done by hand as they can’t get a ready-mix lorry up to the site.

Therefore, they’re looking for people to help them on the day with the mixing of the concrete, as well as someone who has a diesel/petrol cement mixer as they have no power at the site. Ideally they need as many mixers as they can get, to enable them to mix the concrete faster.

If you think you’d be able to help them, please email Pete Appleyard under or call on 07813 523466 and he’ll give you more details.

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