New Roseland Chocolatier Seeks Help

06.02.12: Richard Wallis, previously the baker from Ralph’s Store in Portscatho, has a new and exciting venture for 2012. Building on his experience from the bakery, he is looking to set up on his own os a Chocolatier. But before launching his business, Richard would like residents of South Central Cornwall to help him with a little market research. He has created a short online survey which he hopes locals and visitors will take part in to test the sweetness of our teeth and pockets. If there are any Business Angels out there, too, he would welcome any advice, support and guidance for his new venture.

Richard told Roseland Online, “Living and working on the Roseland is like living the dream. This is an exciting new venture that I hope people will enjoy and find very tasty. I intend using the only independent chocolate producer in the UK, Red Star Chocolates, as it is important to encourage farmers to grow in a sustainable way, not use cheap, or child labour.”

Red Star visit and buy their cacao beans direct from farmers and, like wine, chocolate has different qualities and flavours according to the variety, the location and the method of processing. Different sources need to be found by every chocolatier as the current level of production is at capacity and the global demand for chocolate is growing by 2% per year.

Richard added, “Chocolate is amazing! The more I am learning, the more passionate I am to share this with other. Equally, our enjoyment should not be at the expense of others, so I truly hope everyone will help me by filling in this short survey to help me hone the business.”

If you would like to find out more about the venture or become involved, you can contact Richard by email under:

N.b.: Until Richard’s business is underway, why not buy some ethically sourced handmade chocolates from our own Roseland Onine Shop for your Valentine?

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