Portscatho Post Office Relocation Decision

ralphs storeThe relocation of the Portscatho Post office from the Quay to Ralph’s Stores in the square has been given the green light from the Post Office.

After an unprecedented turnout for this relocation at the end of 2014, villagers expressed their misgivings about the move which included a range of issues, access, availability of space, possible congestion, customer privacy and confidentiality, staff training and the loss of some Post Office transactions at the proposed new branch.

The consultation period ended this month with a decision to nevertheless go ahead with the relocation.

The full letter of confirmation for their decisions can be read by clicking here, but these are the bullet points:

* the new operator will make a number of adjustments to provide easier access into and within the premises.

* These include: reducing the threshold strips (so they don’t hinder wheelchair access), rehanging both entrance doors and the removal of two retail gondolas.

* The internal layout to make sure there is clear access into the premises, that aisles have sufficient width and the queuing area is kept clear of obstructions and adequate room is provided for customers and a wheelchair to turn and move around the store with ease.

* The service will operate from a Post Office serving point located at the end of the shop counter, enabling customers to carry out their Post Office business with their retail purchases if they wish.

* The Post Office serving point will be positioned at the end of the retail run by the second door which means customers requiring Post Office services only won’t need to negotiate the retail area.

* Staff training so as to respect customer confidentiality and adhere to our stringent security procedures which will be put in place to protect staff and customers.

* Significantly longer opening hours, including Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, Sunday opening and longer opening times throughout the week

The Post office letter concludes with the statement, “This change to the Post Office network is being carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice for changes to the network, as agreed with the independent statutory consumer watchdog.”

The opening hours will coincide with Ralph’s current opening times which are: 7am – 7pm seven days a week, but the date of relocation has yet to be agreed.

Full letter outlining the changes here.

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