Radon Heath Risks Update

24.05.12: Following up on the article earlier this week, Roseland Online has been contacted by the Business & Consumer Support Officer at Cornwall Council’s Public Health & Protection department.

Some clarity has been found about the effects of Radon and residents who have already had their reports back and show to be above the ‘acceptable’ levels, will be receiving a letter informing them of a series of outreach meetings they can attend in the old Restormel area of the county to learn more.

Although these meetings are by invitation only, the Business & Consumer Support Officer said they wouldn’t turn away anyone who knew about the meeting and wanted to go anyway.

One of the surprising facts he mentioned was the link between smoking and Radon. At the risk of ‘smoker bashing’ it is an astonishing fact that the combination of smoking and radon exposure does increase the risk of lung cancer significantly.

The Business & Consumer Support Officer told Roseland Online, “For example, if a non smoker is exposed to radon over a prolonged period, their risk of lung cancer is 1 in 190. However a smoker exposed over the same period’s chances of lung cancer increase to 1 in 5.”

Those interested can find many useful downloadable documents on the UK Radon website here: http://www.ukradon.org/article.php?key=downloadable_content. To directly download a .pdf about the health aspects of Radon, click here: http://www.ukradon.org/downloads/Booklet/Risks_from_Radon.pdf

Anyone who has yet to receive their test results will have a chance to meet the experts at the meetings in the Carrick area at the end of June.

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