Roseland Online Breaks All Records Again

02.02.12: Roseland Online, once again yesterday, broke all records for hits and user visits. The ever popular community website reached a massive 18,161 hits in just one day with 453 unique visitors joining our ever growing readership.

Editor, Mark David Hatwood, said, “I am astonished and proud that Roseland Online is supported like this in ever growing numbers; it must mean we’re doing something right!”

Roseland Online’s numbers just go from strength to strength with around 10 – 15% growth per month and has been growing this way since its inception in June 2009. 2011 alone saw a total of over 2 million hits with well over 70,000 unique visitors looking at over 160,000 pages of content and this was almost double that of 2010 on most numbers.

Mark added, “At this rate we’ll reach the magical 20,000 hits in one day within two months and break the 500 barrier of unique visitors per day, which is amazing. What I’m most grateful for, though, is the emails of support I’ve recieved from our readers. As all profits go back into the community, we’re well on track to be able to give back to the people who support us and the new Roseland Online Shopis just such a way readers can get something beautiful and local for their friends and family whilst supporting the website, which in turn supports them. A win”win scenario for all, so thanks, folks!”

We’ll keep you updated with all our successes and already Roseland Online looks on track to be able to offer even more services to South Central Cornwall next month, so watch this space for more detials on those.

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