Roseland Table Tennis League 2017


Roseland Table Tennis League 2017

7 May 2017

Since our last submission, the newly formed League has been extremely fortunate to have received sponsorship from the Saint Mawes Pier and Harbour Company.

Another League match was played this last Wednesday, Philleigh v Ruan Lanihorne. RL won by 15 games to 1. Although an emphatic win for RL, the scoreline does not reflect the closeness of some of the games.

You can followq the links to the current League Tables for both the Team and Individual competitions.


Discover all the details of the League below:

  1. Comprises 3 Clubs; Ruan Lanihorne (RL), St Just (SJ) and Philleigh (P).
  2. Each Club plays the other two Clubs both Home and Therefore, 4 matches in total for each Club in the year.
  3. Players can only play League matches for one Club in the
  4. Each Club Team comprises of 4 players and each player plays 4 singles games in a match. Therefore, 16 games are played in each match. Total of 64 games in a
  5. Games are played up to 21 points. Each player has 5 consecutive serves each and deuce is at 20-20. At deuce, service alternates with each each player having one serve until one player gains a two points lead.
  6. A minimum of one match per Club to be played during each quarter of the All four matches to be played by each Club by the 1st November 2017. (RL) plays on a Monday, (SJ) on a Thursday and (P) on a Wednesday.
  7. There is no upper limit to the number of Club members who can play during the
  8. There will be 1 point for each Game won and Nil points for a loss. Therefore, a maximum number of points available each Match of 16. The number of Games won firstly and then Points For and Against by each player will be taken into account in the event of
  9. There will also be a Player League, which all players who take part in the Club League will be automatically entered. This League will operate on a Percentage Win basis and Points For and Against will be taken into account in the event of ties. In the unlikely event of ties between the top four players a play off can be arranged before the end of the year after the League has finished.
  10. Hopefully, we can arrange for a trophy to be presented to the winning Club and another trophy to the top
  11. We suggest that (RL) manage the League the first year, (SJ) in 2018 and (P) in
  12. (RL) contact details are Chris Prestwood 01872 501982 Rob Larter 01872 501101 David Hamblett 01872 500922.
  13. As soon as possible after each Match each Club will email David Hamblett the results in a format that will follow He will then publish the Leagues to each Club.