Sarah Newton MP writes to Roseland Online Readers about SFB

sarah newton mpDear Roseland online readers

I wanted to write to pass on my thanks for your comments on the article posted by Mark and Martin regarding Superfast Broadband.

It was very helpful to read your comments, which clearly spelt out how essential it is that Superfast Broadband be rolled out to 100% of Cornish businesses and households, and the transformational impact this would have. Your experiences will help me to better make the case for comprehensive rollout of Superfast Broadband.

I think we can make this happen. The commitment to connect as many properties as possible is there from Superfast Cornwall, and extra funds have been put in place by the Government. I will continue do all I can to ensure that a comprehensive rollout is delivered.

Having spoken extensively with Superfast Cornwall about the Roseland I would like to assure businesses again that, just because they have not yet been connected, doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be over the next year. Superfast Cornwall have assured me that they are working round all the proprieties they can connect under the current scheme, which is due to end in 2015. If you do have concerns do get in touch with me on so that I can make representations to Superfast Cornwall on your behalf.

I hope this is helpful, thank you once more for all your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sarah Newton MP

Starting tomorrow (1st March) Sarah is joining Roseland Online’s regular writers with her own blog. More here:

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