Secret Dealers Seeks MORE Contestants in SCC

secret-dealers-logoThe popular ITV daytime show, Secret Dealers, has asked Roseland Online to ask for more help following our successful report back in february which attracted some SCC contestants.

TV’s Secret Dealers sees three rival antique dealers doing battle in private homes for items they can sell. The competing dealers tour the house, inspecting everything of value. From jewellery, sideboards and children’s toys, to jumbled attics, and furniture, they compete to get the best prices for your items.

Assistant producer of RDF Television, Alex Cheney, who are producing the show, told Roseland Online, “As mentioned, we’re looking for people in Cornwall to take part in Series 5 of Secret Dealers. So far our dealers have offered £158,977 and have paid £52,812 to our contributors and we’ve only just started filming.”

secret-dealers2Thanks to Roseland Online’s publicity, they have filmed here with one contestant already and are now looking for more.

The dealers this season will be: Mike Melody, Karen Dalmeny, Tim Hogarth, Alison Chapman, David Ford, Simon Schneider, Christopher Selkirk and Mark Stevens.

If you think you’d like to take part in the show and have any quality antique items or collectables in your home, you can contact the Secret Dealers team on :0117 970 7674 or email them

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