St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – May 2013

Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 13 May 2013

7.40pm – 10.05pm


Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chair Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr John Dickinson, Cllr Trevor Harman, Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Sam Roberts, Cllr Lynne Tregunna and Cllr Rueben Collins (see below)
Apologies Received:- Cllr Diane Clemes and Cllr Malcolm Harris – Cornwall Council
In Attendance:- Rose Hardisty, Clerk
Public Participation:- 7 members of the public in attendance


020/13   Declarations of interests 


  • Cllr John Dickinson declared that he is an immediate neighbour of Lower Barn and has already submitted objections to the current application to the planning officer.  He will remove himself from the meeting while the matter is discussed by council.


  • Cllr Allan Brooks declared that he lives in Kestle in the property most closely adjacent to the remaining wind turbine and has concluded that the matter now affects him more than other parishioners living in the hamlet of Kestle and as a result will remove himself from the meeting while the matter is discussed by council.


  • Cllr Sam Roberts declared that he lives in Kestle in relation to the proposed wind turbine but does not believe that the interest is prejudicial as the matter effects him in a similar manner to other parishioners living in the hamlet of Kestle.


  • Cllr Sam Roberts declared that the solar panels (subject of application 13/03013) are directly in sight from his property and that he will remove himself from the meeting while the matter is discussed by council.


  • Cllr Trevor Johns declared he has been working on site at Trelissick Farm in relation to EN13/00786.


  • Cllr Allan Brooks declared he is an employee of Lost Gardens of Heligan in relation to 12/08084.


  • Cllr Janet Locker and Cllr Will Richards declared that they are members of the Village Hall Committee and will remove themselves from the meeting when the grant request is decided.


  • Cllr Sam Roberts is the parish council representative to the Village Hall Committee and will seek a dispensation in relation to the grant request on the basis set out under 33(c) of the Localism Act 2011.


021/13   Previous Minutes


The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 22 April 2013, having been circulated with the agendas, were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed WR, seconded AB).


022/13   Election Results and Casual Vacancy


The clerk confirmed the appointment of 9 councillors uncontested.  All councillors have now signed the acceptance of office, have been issued with a copy of the code of conduct and have 28 days to consider amendments to and complete their declaration of interests forms.  The clerk has been instructed by the Returning Officer that the casual vacancy should be filled within 35 days of the election.  Rueben Collins has expressed an interest in re-joining the council.  There were no other formal applicants and it was resolved (proposed TJ, seconded AB) to co-opt Rueben Collins as a member of St Ewe Parish Council.  He signed the declaration of office and also has 28 days to consider any amendments to his declaration of interests form.

The Chair indicated the intention to take public participation in separate sections, PA13/01284 first


Public Participation


Mr Cook and Mr Cooksley (applicant) were in attendance and wished to reiterate the comments they made at the meeting on Monday 22.04.2013.  It is unfortunate that, on that occasion, the applicant and council were unaware of the fact that the council had yet to be provided with the valid application documents.


Dawn Dickinson (immediate neighbour) addressed the council and indicated that a letter of objection has also been submitted to the planning officer.  She is concerned about creeping development and also the applicant’s history of failing to adhere to planning restrictions and conditions.  The workshop is large for personal use and Mrs Dickinson would like to see a condition imposed which limits use to non-commercial.  Recent development at Lower Barn has taken place along the boundary of the properties and has impacted significantly on the enjoyment of the Dickinsons of their own property.  There is a legal agreement between the neighbours about the siting of a new septic tank on the land which will be covered by this development.  Mrs Dickinson is anxious that nothing is done which will impact upon the validity of this agreement and has asked that the planning officer take note of this agreement before development is allowed to proceed.


Mr Cook responded on behalf of the applicant that the civil legal agreement between the parties is not a “material planning consideration” and therefore is not something the parish council should consider in their decision making.


Cllr John Dickinson left the meeting


023/13   Planning matters


13/01284      Erection of summerhouse and workshop

Lower Barn, Bosue, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ET


Councillors considered the planning documents and written comments received and bore in mind the information provided by the applicant and neighbour.  The clerk reminded councillors this application had been considered at the meeting on 22.04.2013 and no objection was raised but at that time the council was unaware that it was in possession of out-of-date application papers, the correct documents arriving with the clerk a couple of days after the meeting.  Mr Cook has reassured the council nothing material has changed since his attendance at the meeting on 22.04.2013. Councillors asked clarifying questions of the applicant and his agent where further information was needed.  As at the previous meeting, parish councillors recalled that planning on this site has caused issues and it is a concern when development takes place without appropriate permissions.  Councillors expressed the concern that the formal extension of the residential curtilage might “open the door” to further development.  Whilst the parish council accepts Mr Cook’s statement that the septic tank issue is not a material consideration, councillors agreed that this was a matter they wanted to “flag up” to the planning officer.  It is always a matter of concern to the parish council when there are disputes between neighbours and it is to be hoped that the issues can be resolved before development proceeds.  The council noted in particular the assurances of the applicant that this further development is for the domestic use of the owners only and will not form part of the commercial activities of the guesthouse and on this basis resolved (proposed WR, seconded SR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.  The entry on the planning register should indicate that the parish council seeks that the planning officer take steps to clarify the legal position with regard to the conflict between the development and the septic tank and take appropriate action.  In addition, that suitable conditions are imposed on any permission given to ensure use is restricted to non-commercial and clarity that the extension of the residential curtilage should not permit further construction on the site without prior planning permission.


Two members of the public left the meeting


Cllr John Dickinson rejoined the meeting


The Chair indicated public participation in relation to PA13/02329 would now be heard


Public Participation


Mr Ian Lobb, who was in attendance with his brother, Richard Lobb, addressed the council.  He reiterated many of his comments from 22.04.2013.  Ian Lobb believes that the site at Lower Kestle Farm is suitable and detailed the reasons why he believes developing renewable energy is essential.  Ian Lobb highlighted that the scheme would be locally owned with funds remaining in Cornwall and there is also to be a community funding package.  The turbine will be of the same type as currently at Tregerrick which Mr Lobb has found to be quiet and visually acceptable and he also provided a letter from nearest neighbours, Mr & Mrs Vian, who find the turbine unobtrusive.  Ian Lobb asked the parish council to support the application.


Mrs Sue Tonkin wished to address the council and reiterate the comments she made on 22.04.2013 because the removal of T1 does not alter the impact of the application.  She believes that the proliferation of wind turbines over the unique landscape of Cornwall undermines Cornwall Council’s commitment to enhance the culture and tourism facilities in Cornwall and promote Cornwall as a destination for tourism and recreation.  Sue Tonkin thinks we need to nurture the unspoilt beauty of Cornwall and not thrust an industrialised landscape in the faces of visitors nor spoil the environment for local people for decades to come.

Mr Graham Chaplin was in attendance but did not wish to address the council.  He did want to ask about the status of the MOD objection.  The clerk was able to confirm that all previous consultees had been re-consulted but it the planning officer is yet to head from the MOD on the re-consultation.


Cllr Allan Brooks left the meeting


023/13   Planning matters (reconvened)


13/02329      Erection of two 50kW wind turbines (25m to hub, 35m to tip) with ancillary equipment

Land South west of Kestle Farms, Kestle, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6JN


Most councillors were able to confirm access to the on-line planning facility and that they had familiarised themselves with the comments made to date.  Councillors noted the very significant number of comments (about 140) and also that there was a cross section of supporting and opposing comments.  Councillors considered the planning documents and were grateful to all those present for their participation.  Councillors spent some time looking at the paperwork and also discussing the site visit on 18.04.2013 but in essence the specification of this single turbine had been considered at the meeting on 22.04.2013.  The clerk reminded councillors that they had objected to the application previously when it involved two turbines.  Many of the comments made on 22.04.2013 remain valid and it was agreed that the planning officer should be asked to take into consideration (and respond formally in the final report to) all the comments already made by the parish council in so far as they relate to turbine T2.  Cllr Sam Roberts said the removal of turbine T1 changed very little for the residents of Kestle and there will still be an impact and loss of residential amenity from turbine T2.  The council noted that the MOD and SWW have been re-consulted but have not yet responded.  Cllr Roberts proposed maintaining the objection to the application but this was not seconded.  After some further deliberation it was resolved (proposed by Councillor Rueben Collins and seconded by Councillor Will Richards) by 7 votes in favour and 1 vote (Cllr Sam Roberts) against that the Parish Council RAISE NO OBJECTION to the planning application provided the planning officer is fully satisfied that the wind turbine is in line with current policy and guidelines and that due consideration is given to the comments made by the parish council, other consultees and members of the public in the final report.


Two members of the public left the meeting


Cllr Allan Brooks rejoined the meeting


The Chair indicated public participation in relation to PA13/03013 would now be heard


Public Participation


Richard Lobb outlined to the council the reasons for the application and provided councillors with a letter.  Lobbs Farm Shop is a local food retailing business and a large proportion of this food needs to be stored in chilled of frozen conditions and therefore the business is extremely dependent on electricity.  The annual charge is excessive and it is hoped the proposed solar panels will reduce the costs by half.  The installation will increase sustainability, business viability and support jobs.  The chosen site is facing south west and is in a valley screened by trees on three sides.  Mr Lobb also provided some pictures taken at another local farm showing their array of 200 panels to give an idea of impact.  This application is for 120 panels on approximately half an acre.


One member of the public left the meeting


Cllr Sam Roberts left the meeting


023/13   Planning matters (continued)


13/03013      Erection of solar PV panels (120) to generate 30kW of energy on steel framing supports

Lobbs Farm Shop, The Countryside Barn, Heligan, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EN


Councillors considered the planning documents and also photographs provided by Cllr Brooks and information from Messrs Lobb.  Councillors accepted that the panels would be visible from parts of Kestle but would not be visible from the main road.  Councillors believed the chosen site was generally well screened and agreed that this was a small scale development.  The council resolved (proposed TJ, seconded WR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.


Two members of the public left the meeting



Presentation from David Irving re: development proposal for Pencoise Farm

Pencoise Farm, Tregony, Cornwall, TR2 5SH


The clerk read email correspondence from David Irving.  Since the agenda’s were published Mr Irving has indicated that the plans will not be ready in time for presentation at this meeting.  The council noted that proposals are imminent and also that Mr Irving had been advised that the site falls into a neighbouring parish (a fact of which he was unaware).  The council agreed that the clerk should check planning notifications and seek that St Ewe Parish Council also be made a consultee if the development is significant.


13/00786           Alleged plant hire business being run from farm

Trelissick Farm, Tregony, Cornwall, TR2 5SW


The council noted the clerk has spoken with the enforcement officer and investigations are ongoing.  If there is evidence of the activity alleged it may or may not be a matter of planning enforcement depending on the circumstances.



13/00842           Earthbund has not been constructed in accordance with condition 6 of PA12/07984

Hewas Water Engineering Ltd, Hewaswater, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7JF            


The council noted the clerk has spoken with the enforcement officer and investigations are ongoing.  There are a number of issues on site which the officer believes may not be consistent with the planning approval and he is following these up.



12/08084      Proposed works to repair walls around various gardens within Heligan

Lost Gardens of Heligan, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EN


The council noted the above withdrawn application without comment.



13/01134      Erection of three log cabin holiday lets

The Loft, Trevithick Farm, Tregony, TR2 5SL


The council noted the above refusal and is grateful to the planning officer for providing a detailed report as to her reasons which the council accepted.



13/01617      Extension to agricultural building to be used as a grain store

Penstrassoe Barton, Lower Sticker, St Austell, PL26 6JN


The council noted the above approval without comment.



13/01939           Use of cottage as residential accommodation

Grace Cottage, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ


Councillors considered the planning documents and commented that this application was expected in the light of the recent lifting of holiday restrictions on another property in this development.  The council felt it was unlikely that the planning officer would have any grounds to resist this application.  The council resolved (proposed TJ, seconded RC) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.



13/02633           Cont’d use without compliance with condition1 C2/03/00914 to allow all year round occupancy

Morwenna, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ


Councillors considered the planning documents and commented that this application was expected in the light of the recent lifting of holiday restrictions on another property in this development.  The council felt it was unlikely that the planning officer would have any grounds to resist this application.  The council resolved (proposed AB, seconded WR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.


024/13  Polmassick Flooding

Cllr Janet Lockyer reported from the most recent Flood Recovery Group meeting on 25.04.2013.  Steve Gilbert MP had been scheduled to attend but cancelled as a result of family bereavement.  He has been doing much work in relation to the problems encountered with insurance premiums.  Unfortunately, negotiations between the government and insurance companies have broken down and this could have serious implications when the current arrangements expire in June.  Mevagissey residents have now formed a flood action committee and Cllr Lockyer, along with other members of the Flood Recovery Group, will be supporting them in their endeavours to improve matters for Mevagissey.  Cormac has undertaken a survey at Polmassick with a view to putting a relief pipe under the road.  If the survey is favourable then the plan is to use a 1.2m diameter pipe.  Highways need to be confident that the cover and pipe diameter can be achieved within the ground and still have a flow to the far side of the bridge to outfall.  If the work is done it is essential that a full report is provided so that residents can use this as evidence with their insurance companies.  Teresa Frost has written to the parish council stating that Highways are working closely with the community at Polmassick to achieve the best solution to a problem with water which isn’t entirely an issue for the Highways team.  River levels contribute a huge part to the flooding and there is also a considerable amount of ground water run-off from fields which finds its way to the river via the highway and houses.  It is hoped the attention of the local farming community can be drawn to ways in which they can assist with the control of water from their fields.  Once the plans are drawn up the parish council will need to work with the other agencies to ensure that the necessary funding is made available by those with the power to do so.

Cllr Rueben Collins gave his apologies left the meeting


025/13   Highways

  • Potholes, weather damage and drainage issues

The road between Beacon Cross and the village is in terrible condition and the pothole repairs have not been long lasting.  In addition the surface of Tucoyse Hill is poor.  It was agreed that the clerk write to Teresa Frost about these two roads indicating it is the parish council view that they should receive proper re-surfacing work.


  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


026/13   Footpaths

  • Any urgent matters

There was a brief discussion about the blocked public right of way at Paramoor.  The parish council does not propose to take any action at this time but it was agreed this would be kept under review.


No other matters were reported.


027/13   Notice Boards

The council noted the contents of a report prepared by the clerk.  There has still been no contact from Mr Price.  Dominic Pearce has undertaken significant repair work on the Polmassick board and it is now back in location.  Sadly, the work required took several hours and about £60 in materials.  Mr Pearce has yet to submit an invoice but it likely to be in the region of £180.00.  Councillors expressed the view that they were happy with the repair work carried out and that the figure quoted is acceptable.  It is unfortunate that this expense has been incurred so soon after the notice board was made but it cannot be helped.  The council agreed that any request for further payment from Lee Price should be resisted and that a copy of the clerk’s report and an extract of these minutes be sent to Mr Price.


The council noted that Highways have accepted that it was a member of their team which broke the glass in the notice board.  The clerk is to liaise with Teresa Frost about how best to seek compensation for this.


The clerk highlighted an urgent repair needed to the notice board in St Ewe village and also that the board needs a general clean, rub down and fresh coat of varnish.  This work should take in the region of 5 hours and it was resolved (proposed JL, seconded WR) to commission Mr Pearce to undertake this work as soon as possible.


There is outstanding work at Kestle, Lower Sticker and Little Polgooth notice boards but it was agreed to postpone consideration of this until a later meeting.


028/13   Insurance Renewal

The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from AON Ltd.  There has been no change in parish circumstances and the cover required remains the same and the premium this year is £372.35, a slight reduction on last year.  It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded AB) to renew the parish council’s insurance with AON Ltd.


029/13   CALC Renewal

The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils.  The total amount due this year is £175.40 of which £13.36 is VAT (which is reclaimable) on the service charge.  It was resolved (proposed JL, seconded WR) to renew membership of CALC and pay the annual subscription.


The Chair indicated the intention to deal with all three grant applications at the same time


030/13   Grant Applications

  • Churchyard Maintenance Grant
  • Village Hall Maintenance Grant
  • Tower & Spire towards publishing costs


Cllr Sam Roberts has completed the necessary request form for a dispensation to allow him to participate and vote in respect of the Village Hall grant application.  The council resolved (proposed AB, seconded JD) to grant the dispensation on the basis that it is in the interests of parishioners.  The parish council has appointed Cllr Roberts as its representative on the Village Hall Committee and it is his role to report to on matters relating to the Village Hall and to pass on important details to facilitate informed decision making by the council.


Cllr John Dickinson has recently inspected the outside toilets at the Village Hall and feels they need some repair work.  He asked if it was possible for the parish council to consider making an increased grant specifically so that this work can be undertaken in advance of the Summer Fair.  The clerk indicated that in the past the parish council has been generous in making additional one-off grants to the Village Hall for specific purposes but it would not appropriate to do so at this meeting without a formal request letter or notification to the public by the agenda that the matter is to be considered.  It was agreed the parish council would be happy to consider, at a future meeting, a grant request from the Village Hall attaching an invoice (or contractor quote) for repair work to the outside toilets.


The clerk reminded councillors of the decision at the November budgeting meeting to award the maintenance grants if possible.  Letters have been received from the PCC and Village Hall Committee asking that grants of £500.00 be made and a letter has been received from St Peter’s PCC requesting a grant in the sum of £200.00.


Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards left the meeting and Cllr John Dickinson took the chair


Councillors took the view that lengthy discussion was not required as these grants had been anticipated in November.  In addition, the fact that the election was uncontested means that the parish council is unlikely to face unexpected costs in this respect.  It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded JD) that these amounts be awarded.  It was also agreed that the award of such grants be kept under annual review and specifically that they be considered at the November meeting when the precept request is decided.


Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards rejoined the meeting and Cllr Janet Lockyer resumed the chair


031/13   Financial Matters

  • New bank mandate and change of address

The council noted that the bank mandate is in need of review following recent changes in councillors.  It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) that Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Will Richards and Cllr Sam Roberts, who are all current signatories, remain so and accordingly they completed the mandate form.  Three further signatories are required and it was resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) that Cllr John Dickinson and Cllr Allan Brooks should become signatories and they completed the necessary details on the mandate.  New signatories must attend at HSBC with identification as soon as possible to complete the formalities.  It was further resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) that the address needs to be changed on the account to the clerk’s current address and a letter with two authorised signatories was completed to this effect.


  • Approve payments

Payment of any grants detailed above and outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed JL, seconded WR) as detailed below:


Rose Hardisty








Salary – 9 wks @ 5 hrs/wk @ £8.919/hr

Working from home allowance – 9wks @ £4/wk

66 miles at 40p/mile

Notice board materials

VAT on notice board materials

Large letter to Jim Davies

36 x 1st class stamps



Insurance Renewal



CALC and NALC Annual subscription

VAT on CALC service charge

St Ewe Village Hall


Annual Grant towards hall maintenance
St Ewe PCC


Annual Grant towards churchyard maintenance
St Peter’s PCC


Annual Grant towards publishing costs


  • Notice of VAT Reclaim

The council noted that the clerk has prepared and submitted the reclaim documentation for £42.47 VAT paid out in 2012/2013.


  • Two-monthly financial update

The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.


032/13   New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Minutes of 11.03.2013

(and at and

The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.


033/13   Any other business

No other business was raised.


034/13   Clerk’s report

The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.


035/13   Date of next meeting

The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 08 July 2013 at 7.00pm.  Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required.  The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.


Meeting closed at 10.05pm

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