St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – July 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 1st July 2013. The meeting commenced at 7pm.


Councillors Present: The Chairman Cllr. K. Warren, Cllrs. J. Benney, B. Chenoweth, P. Farmiloe, R. Hall, R.E. Giles, B. Sadler, P. Salter, P. Teague, and C. Williams


Also Present: S. Penhaligon (Clerk), Cornwall Councillor J German, and eight members of the public


1. To accept apologies for absence

T van der Wolde (Assistant Clerk)


2. Declaration of Interest:

a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest– none declared

b) Non-Registerable Interest – Cllrs. P Farmiloe and B Chenoweth declared an interest in item 11b

c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – none declared

d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda

Requests for dispensations were received and granted as follows:

Cllr. P Farmiloe St Mawes Carnival Committee – 4 year

Cllr. B Chenoweth St Mawes Carnival Committee – 1 year


3. Open Period – Public Participation

Mr C Rogers spoke of his desperate concerns for a number of tenants in Larkfield Rise whose homes are unsalable due to severe structural defects which Devon and Cornwall Housing Association has not given any specification of what they intend to do but has threatened the tenants with eviction as they have withdrawn their rent until the sub standard work has been rectified.  Mr Rogers asked for the Parish Council’s support in this matter and advised of a meeting of all concerned on 25th July 2013.


Mr K Walker raised the issue of recurring tree trimming in the village, specifically referring to the Holm Oak bush recently trimmed in Commander Martins Corner, Tredenham Road.  He felt that this was the only bush/tree that the Parish Council trims and that public money should not be used for such trimming. Mr Walker was informed that many trees and shrubs are regularly trimmed and that the Holm Oak was classed as a bush and was trimmed by the contractor when the Monterey Pines were thinned to keep the access to the snicket clear. Mr Walker also disputed the professional advice regarding the damaged Beech Tree situated on Bohella Bank as he felt it was in full bloom.


Mr R Baylis hoped that the Parish Council will appoint a representative to be a Governor of St Mawes Primary School. He had found this a rewarding role; he greatly enjoyed it and found the enthusiasm of the children enlightening.  The chairman encouraged a Councillor to take up the role.


Mr J Smith, chairman of the Roseland Neighbour Development Plan Steering Group asked if the group could have use of the Millennium Rooms for meetings free of charge on a rotation basis with other Parish Councils in the Roseland.


Revd. K Boullier, on behalf of the Church thanked the Parish Council for its support with the devolution of St Just in Roseland Public Conveniences, and hoped to help if possible.


To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 3rd June 2013.

Cllr. Williams pointed out that under item 16a, the month should read May not June.  The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands, that the once amended the previously circulated minutes be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


5. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda

The Clerk advised that the bollards and the cycle stands have been delivered and are due to be installed in the next two weeks.




6. Report from the Clerk

St Mawes Primary School has asked for financial support towards speed reduction signage which will be considered on the next agenda


The Churchill Contract Services operative has removed as much rubber as he could of the burnt out waste

bin in Tredenham Road but some is melted into the tarmac and damaged it.  The Clerk has ordered a

replacement bin and will ask D Chenoweth to attend to the damage.


The red phone boxes on Polvarth Road and Sea View Road are to be removed and the grey box by the Arcade in the Square has been removed.  The red phone box by Lloyds Bank, St Mawes and Windmill Hill, St Just are to remain.  Cllr. Williams asked the Clerk to check if it is too late for the Heritage Group to take any over.  The Clerk was asked to write to Sarah Newton over the fact that BT no longer informs Parish Councils of its decision to remove phone boxes, only advising Unitary Authorities planning department who do not pass on the information.


Five memorial benches, 2 for Commander Martins Corner and 3 for the park opposite St Mawes Castle have

been ordered to be donated by people in memory of their loved ones.


7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

A memo circulated from PC N Duckworth advised on the attack of a building site in Portscatho overnight on 26/27th June, reminding of a recent similar incident in Veryan and asking for everyone to be vigilant. No report has been received for June.


8. Report from Cornwall Cllr. German

Cllr. German advised that he will continue to work with the residents of Larkfield Rise and that he will be supporting the speed signage at St Mawes Primary School.


9. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

No reports received.


The Chairman asked that the standing orders are suspended to bring forward items 13 and 17.  All in favour.


13.  Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan

Mr J Smith (Chairman of the steering group) updated the council on the progress in setting up the steering group and defining the role of each member. In terms of communication, it is in the process of setting up a website and will be putting articles in local magazines, online and attending events. He proposes to attend each Parish Council meeting on the Roseland to keep them abreast of what is happening.


17.  St Just in Roseland Public Conveniences

The Chairman advised that the process of the devolution of the St Just Public Conveniences has been drawn out affair. There was no realistic prospect of Cornwall Council continuing to fund the public conveniences and The Glebe Committee were agreeable to assigning the lease.


The Parish Council has been paying all the services under a Tenancy at Will agreement over the past three months.  He considered that the Parish Council was in a no win situation and asked if it was the best option for the Parish Council to take on the lease. There would be some funding generated from the Church when it takes on the Car Park lease and Cornwall Council would  bring the toilets up to an agreed standard.


There were concerns that the specification of works drawn up by Cormac was not as complete as the one the Parish Council drew up, and this needed to be reviewed with Cornwall Council.


It was agreed that the Parish Council must ensure that the old lease(s) are properly terminated and that there is a ‘get out’ clause on the new lease.


The interest of the owner of The Old Rectory, who is willing to contribute towards the costs, would be considered separate to this evening’s business.


Cornwall Cllr. German confirmed that Cornwall Council would draft a lease and was willing to pay reasonable legal costs.


Cllr. Sadler proposed that the Parish Council engage with Cornwall Council to draw up a new lease for the tenure of the St Just Public Conveniences subject to satisfactory agreed refurbishment by Cornwall Council.  Seconded by Cllr. Chenoweth.  All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council


10.  Co-option of a Parish Councillor to represent the St Mawes Ward

A ballot was held to co-opt a councillor to represent the St Mawes Ward from the following five candidates:

Mr S Black proposed by Cllr. Salter seconded by Cllrs. Williams

Mr D Dodsworth proposed by Cllr. Salter seconded by Cllr. Giles

Mrs D Gray proposed by Cllr. Teague seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe

Mr C Rogers proposed by Cllr. Chenoweth seconded by Cllr. Giles

Mr C Thornton-Parr proposed by Cllr. Farmiloe seconded by Cllr. Sadler

The count was overseen by the Clerk and Mr R Baylis.


The Chairman declared that Mr Stuart Black has been elected, in the first round of voting as Parish Councillor to represent the St Mawes Ward with a majority vote.


11. Accounts and Finance

a) To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council were asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 6113 to 6124 approved and signed at meeting                                      £ 5,408.48

Total cheques numbered 6106 to 6112 paid since last meeting ratified                                        £ 3,368.21

Direct Debits/ Standing Orders shown as paid in June                                                       £ 1,979.07

Income shown as received during June                                                                                         £34,674.64


Approval of the payments of accounts proposed by Cllr. Salter. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


b)  To consider the application for financial support by St Mawes Carnival Committee

Cllrs. P Farmiloe and B Chenoweth who had declared a non registerable interest both left the room prior to the consideration taking place.  The Council was mindful that it needed a more constructed set of accounts of the Carnival Committees’ reserves and will make this known to them.

Cllr. Warren proposed that the Parish Council fund the provision of the services of St John Ambulance at a gross cost of £204.  Seconded by Cllr. Williams.  2 abstentions.  6 members voted in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.


c)  To further consider moving the Parish Council’s deposited funds

The Clerk clarified that the Parish Council as a non profit organisation was x rated for tax purposes by HRMC.  Cllr. Hall advised that interest rates remain very low and the he was unable to find a better rate of interest than the gross rate of .75% that the Council currently receives; however, he will look at the situation periodically.  Cllr. Hall proposed that the Parish Council stays with Scottish Widows Business Fund Deposit Account. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.


12.       Planning

a)         To consider the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 7th June 2013 (Appendix 2)

At the meeting held on 7th June, it was agreed to object to planning application PA13/03819 Stanton Barn,

St Just in Roseland due to the unsuitability of the proposed access onto Church Hill, the visual aspect on the

environment in an AONB, it is inconsistent with Policy 6G of the Carrick District Wide Local Plan, it does

not adhere to the principles for sustainable development and the applicant has not demonstrated that this is a

‘redundant’ agricultural barn. PA13/01955 Ola’s Cottage, Trelawney Road, St Mawes Modification to

current planning consent C1/PA13/1626/09/R, it was agreed that Cllr. Warren and Brian Willis would

attend and speak at the Cornwall Council Planning Committee meeting on 10th June 2013. The main

objection is to the increase in height in order to achieve drainage. PA31/03350 Land adjacent to Jasmine

Cottage, St Just in Roseland, Ben Dickinson, Highways Manager is visiting the site on 13th June .


b)         The Council considered the following planning applications:


12.       PA13/04373 17a Lower Castle Road, St Mawes. Erection of dwelling with garage. Reviewed by Planning Committee members – Objection reasons to include over development; intrusive to neighbouring properties; unsuitable access; detrimental effect to the Conservation Area and an adverse visual impact of the street scene.


13.       PA13/04373 Woodstock, Trethem, St Just in Roseland. Application for removal condition 5 on

C6832541 dated 17.06.1968. Reviewed by Cllrs. Warren, Sadler and Teague – No objections    


14.        PA13/04952 Ranch House, Grove Hill, St Mawes. Demolition of existing garage and erection of a new

two storey dwelling and associated landscaping. To be reviewed by the Planning Committee on 8th July.


15.       PA13/05032 Rear of Rising Sun Hotel, The Square, St Mawes. Application for Prior

Notification of proposed development by Telecommunications for the installation of new DSLAM

green cabinet. Reviewed by Cllrs. Salter, Giles and Hall – No objections


16.       PA13/04945 The Old Quay House, Bosloggas, St Mawes. Proposed replacement of existing dwelling.

To be reviewed by the Planning Committee on 8th July.


A pre- application submitted by Stephen Payne Planning Ltd regarding a proposed replacement dwelling at Carrick Waters, St Just in Roseland will be considered by the Planning Committee on 8th July when the Architects will attend to enter dialogue about the design.


c)         To note the decisions of the Planning Authority


PA13/03741 Penbraken, Penruan Lane, St Mawes. Dormer extension. Approved.


PA13/04194 Boslowen, Chapel Close St. St Just in Roseland. Certificate of lawfulness for the construction of a block and beam floor over the existing patio with a smooth rendered plinth. Erection of an Upvc & glass conservatory including lead flashings etc. New access opening to be formed by knocking down under an existing window & fitting a pair of external grade French doors in its place. Refused.



PA13/02792/3 31 Lower Castle Road – It was discovered that the plans were inaccurate and amended plans are pending.


PA13/03350 Land by Jasmine Cottage – Planning has agreed that this application should be considered at full Planning Committee on 5th August. As this is the day of the Parish Council meeting, the Clerk’s office will request that it is heard first on the agenda.


PA13/03819 Stanton Barn – at a recent site meeting with highways regarding the access on a blind bend in Church Hill, the highways officer did not view it as an undue problem as it was a ‘B’ road and under the new laws it was appropriate in this context.


The Chairman asked that the standing orders are suspended to bring forward items 13 and 17.  All in favour.


Revd. Boullier was concerned that although Church Hill was a ‘B’ road, it was not a through road and some 50,000 people visited St Just Church annually and a great many people accessed the Boat Yard and the creek via this road.


The Council agreed that this should be raised with Sarah Newton MP.


PA13/01955 Ola’s Cottage, Trelawney Road – the application was refused at Planning Committee on 10th June as it was deemed to be unneighbourly.



d)  Enforcements


EN13/01104 Construction of a wall in excess of 2 metres. Lamorran House, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes.

An enforcement officer visited site on 19th June. Decision will be issued shortly.

Closed – none


e) To consider planning correspondence (The list was circulated)

Proposed Solar Panels at Pomeroy Cottage, St Austell Row

It was noted that Solar Panels come under permitted development rights even in a Conservation Area, however the Permitted Development Rights Office advised that solar panels in conservation areas should project no more than 200mm above the roof plane and not above the level of the apex of the roof and they should also be sited “so far as is practicable, to minimise the effect on the external appearance of the building and the amenity of the area”. In this case, due to the poor orientation of the roof, the solar panels may have to be 30% larger and have a more oblique angle. The Planning Officer agreed that the Parish Council monitor the erection of the panels to make sure that they are within the requirements.


14a. Affordable Housing Local Needs

To consider setting up a Local Housing Working Group to look into housing needs and related matters

As proposed at the last meeting, an initial cluster meeting prior to setting up a working group has been arranged for 11th July to be held at St Just in Roseland Institute.  Speakers to include; Jon Warner Homechoice manager, Nick Marsden Affordable Housing officer and Barry Lewis (the developer who can provide 100% affordable housing).


Larkfield Rise, St Mawes. Cllr. Giles questioned the Local Authority Building Control checks on the sub standard properties at Larkfield Rise.  Cllr. German confirmed that this has been investigated.  Cllr. Giles proposed that a letter supporting the effected tenants is written to Devon and Cornwall Housing with copies to the Cabinet Holder, Cllr. J Brown and Louise Dwelly.  Seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.


14b. Proposed Housing Developments in St Mawes & St Just in Roseland.

To consider updates on the proposed developments in St Mawes and St Just

Nothing was reported


15. Millennium Rooms Management Committee (MRMC)

To consider a replacement lift for the Millennium Room building

Cllr, Chenoweth advised that he had liaised with J Stokes t/a Liftman and C Pridmore (Electrician).  C Pridmore confirmed that it is an electrical problem.  J Stokes is looking into a company in Wales to construct a new electric circuit board.


16. Car Park

a) To consider monthly income

Pay & Display       Pay & Display             Permits                        Permits                        Total

Monthly          Cumulative                   Monthly          Cumulative            Cumulative

June 12            21,439.05        50,564.60                    355.20             12,569.10            63,133.70

June 13                        22,948.80        52,857.30                    810.00             15,094.80            67,952.10

June 2013 comparable with June 2012

Up                     1,509.75          2,292.70                    454.80               2,525.70          4,818.40

b)         To further consider the allocation of parking spaces in respect of the Idle Rocks Hotel

The Idle Rocks Hotel has responded to the Parish Council’s letter outlining the terms for the ten reserved parking spaces asking for some amendments.  Under the Parish Council’s Standing Orders it is unable to change a resolution for six months without following due procedures.  There was a willingness to support the request but the Parish Council could not assist on the evening.  Cllr. Warren proposed that the Idle Rocks Hotel be issued with 10 permits at a cost of £6,500 pro rata per annum.  Seconded by Cllr. Williams.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.



It was agreed that the Car Park Committee consider the signage for the Idle Rocks Hotel parking spaces.



c)         To consider an extra seat by the public conveniences in St Mawes Car Park

To prevent people sitting on the flower tubs, it was suggested that another seat could be provided.  It was agreed that the Finance Committee consider this matter.


d)         To consider the quotation for works in St Just Lane Car Park

The Council considered the quotation of £1,000 including vat from Phil Green Plant Hire to undertake works in the car park to alleviate the potential flooding problem.  Cllr. Giles proposed acceptance of the quotation, seconded by Cllr. Chenoweth.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.


It was noted that a letter was received from Mr G Williams thanking the clerk for keeping him up to date on the current position regarding the flooding issues at St Just Lane Car Park


18. Lighting to front of Harbour View, St Just in Roseland

To further consider the need for additional lighting in area to the front of the Harbour View, St Just

Awaiting a quotation from SSE Contracting for the works.


19. Safe crossing St Just Square

To further consider the installation of a safe crossing outside St Just Lane Car Park

Ben Dickinson, Highways Manager has advised that, following the site meeting, the highway safety officer had no problem with a dropped kerb to channel pedestrians across the road.  With regard to a suggestion for red surfacing would not be allowed by the Department for Transport, and wording such as ‘SLOW’, ‘CHILDREN’ to make it clear to drivers could not be allowed as it could suggest to people without any Highway Code knowledge that pedestrians would have priority. Realistically some works can be done here and it is on his wish list should Cllr German have any budget.  The Parish Council was disappointed that there has been nothing to assist to make a safe crossing and felt that a dropped kerb in isolation, in this location, would be of very limited benefit.  The Clerk to write to Sarah Newton, MP to ask for assistance.


20.  Dogs on Beaches

To further consider amending the byelaw regarding allowing dogs onto beaches.

The Council considered extending the times that dogs are permitted onto Summers and Tavern Beaches, St Mawes which currently runs from Easter Day to 31st October. Cllr. Farmiloe proposed to amend the byelaw restriction to 1st May until 30th September.  Seconded by Cllr. Giles.  3 votes for, 3 votes against and 4 abstentions.  The Chairman had the casting vote and voted against the proposal.  The Council RESOLVED to not amend the byelaw.


The Clerk will request that Cornwall Council replace the outdated signage.


21. Correspondence (information only)


22. Staffing matters.

To receive a report from the Personnel Committee

Cllr. Farmiloe briefed the Council on matters raised in the circulated Personnel Committee meeting minutes of 17th June 2013 and asked the Clerk to circulate the Health and Safety Policy for consideration at the next Parish Council agenda.


23. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting

  • Larger dog waste bin on Castle Drive, St Mawes
  • Waste bin on Castle Drive, St Mawes
  • Financial assistance with The Hub Radio
  • Health and Safely Policy
  • Financial support request from St Mawes Primary School


At this point the Clerk left the meeting.


24.  Date of next meeting – The next general meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 5th August 2013 in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes commencing at 7pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.50 pm


Signed as a true record………………………………………..Chairman



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