St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – July 2016

 Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms,

St. Mawes, on Monday 4th July 2016. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm


Councillors Present:

The Chairman Cllr. B. Chenoweth, Cllrs. J. Benney, P. Farmiloe, R. Giles, R. Hall, B. Sadler, P. Salter,

  1. Teague and K. Warren.


Also Present:

  1. Penhaligon (Clerk), S. Chenoweth (Assistant Clerk) Cornwall Cllr. German and 5 members of the public


  1. To accept apologies for absence – Cllrs. Black and Williams


  1. Declaration of Interest:
  2. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest – None declared
  3. b) Non-Registerable Interest – Benney and Giles declared an interest in item 13a ii 22 concerning Lowen Meadow, St Mawes
  4. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – None declared
  5. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – Cllrs. Benney and Giles have a  dispensation in place on any matters concerning Lowen Meadow and Mr. Richards.


  1. Open Period – Public Participation

Andrew Chantrill spoke about his concerns in connection the planning application for the temporary use of Lowen Meadow, St Mawes for helicopter landings.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th June 2016

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the minutes of the 6th June 2016 meeting be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Cllr. Hall abstained.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes not on the Agenda – for report only
  2. a) Survey of the benches in the parish – In hand, on-going
  3. b) HRH Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebration – The celebration was relocated to the St. Mawes Memorial Hall due to poor weather forecasted, and the event went very well.
  4. c) St Just in Roseland Playing Field replacement of the gates – The Parish Council thanked Cllrs. Salter and

Giles for their time and effort hanging the replacement gates.


  1. Report from the Clerk

The Clerk reported that unfortunately two Monterey Pine trees, planted in Commander Martins Corner above Summers Beach are dead. It has been suggested that the trees were damaged by Voles eating the base of the trees. Neither K Fisher or C Birnie has any replacements of the size required at the moment.

7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

PSCO Jim Eagles has advised that the reason there have been no reports for the past four months is because there is the only one Policeman and himself now based at Tregony Police Station, and a lot of their time is spent dealing with problems at Harbour View, St Just.


  1. Report from Cornwall Councillor

Cornwall Cllr. German was extremely pleased with the outcome of the recent full Planning Committee as weight had been given to the Roseland Plan. He advised that the Cornwall Local Plan is going through inspection now that the housing figures have been agreed. He also reported that The Roseland Community Transport Committee has held their AGM, for which he is continuing to act as Chairman. In June 18 people used the car sharing scheme.


  1. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

St Just in Roseland Community Land Trust – Cllr. Giles reported that the CLT has expanded to take in other Parishes. An information leaflet is to be distributed to every household in the Roseland. Cllr. Giles asked the Parish Council if it would fund the £150.99 cost of the printing as, initially, it would be concentrated on this parish.



The Chairman requested that standing orders be lifted to bring forward items 13a & b. All in favour.


13a. Planning

  1. i) To consider decisions and recommendations from the Planning Committee meeting – no meeting held


  1. ii) The Council considered the following planning applications:
  2. PA16/04478 – Burial Ground, road from St Just Creek – proposed Pergola to form covered seating area – considered by Cllr. Teague, Sadler and Chenoweth – no objection


  1. PA16/04101 – 14 Waterloo Close, St Mawes – change existing spar chipped cement render to a painted smooth cement/sand render on all external walls – considered by Cllr. Benney, Chenoweth and Salter – no objection


  1. PA16/04974 – Greenwaters, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes – works of trees to a preservation order. Crown raise three Monterey Cypress trees and removal of two other Monterey Cypress trees – considered by Cllrs. Benney, Giles and Salter – no objection if supported by Tree Officer


  1. PA16/05005 – River House, Sea View Crescent, St Mawes – replacement flat roof on attached double garage with pitched roof – no objection


  1. PA16/05305 – Tavern rocks, Lower Castle Road, St Mawes – removal of two branches of tree to prevent it from leaning further towards property – to be decided under delegated powers


The Chairman asked for Standing Orders to be lifted to allow a discussion with members of the public on item 22. All in favour by a show of hands.


  1. PA16/05154 – Lowen Meadow, St Mawes – temporary use of land for landing/taking off and parking of the applicant’s own helicopter – under consideration by the Planning Committee


Concerns were raised regarding the application for temporary use. Absolute assurance needs to be established that temporary use will not lead into an application for permanent use. It was felt that the applicant has not demonstrated that he is actively seeking alternative sites. Issues regarding harm to the community by noise and smell were raised and it was established that there must be a balance between benefit and harm. It was agreed to ask for an extension of time to allow for a democratic consideration process of the application by all members of the Council and that it should be an item for the next Parish Council meeting to be held on 1st August.


Pre-planning applications

  1. PA16/0543/PREAPP – Methodist Church, Chapel Terrace, St Mawes – pre-application advice for prosed conversion of first floor redundant Sunday School rooms to residential unit and associated works to ancillary chapel meeting room – considered by Planning Committee – supports with comments regarding the position of the toilet facilities


  1. PA16/01622PREAPP – 1 Chapel Terrace, St Mawes – advice on Grade 11 Listed Building – modest proposed side extension and minor internal alterationsconsidered by Cllr. Chenoweth, Farmiloe and Williams – objection to the proposed materials


  1. PA16/01769PREAPP – Ventongassick, Trethewell, St Just – advice for the demolition of existing bungalow and proposed new build dwelling – considered by Cllrs, Sadler, Teague and Warren – it was difficult to make a judgement on the brief plans submitted. It need to be ascertained if the building of the previously approved planning application (2008) was commenced.


Discharge conditions

PA15/10644 – Heatherdown, Polvarth Road, St Mawes – submission of details to discharge conditions 3, 4, 5 and 6




iii)       To note the decisions of the Planning Authority 

PA16/00965 PRE – Land east of Lowen Meadow, Newton Road, St Mawes (1) – proposed

residential development of 40 dwelling (20 open market and 20 affordable) – advice given


PA15/11338 – Tregenna, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes (58) – demolition of existing bungalow and garage and construction of new dwelling – refused at full Planning Committee


PA16/01630 – Sea Craig, 4 Carrick Way, St Mawes (65) – proposed construction of replacement dwelling house with separate garage and residential amenity – refused at full Planning Committee


PA16/03123 – Riviera Gardens, Riviera lane, St Mawes (7) – alterations and extensions to the existing dwellingunder consideration by the Planning Committee – refused


PA16/04151 – Land to the west of Greenwaters, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes (11) – fell Macrocarpas, I Lawson granted and 4 Monterey Pines – refused


PA16/04001 – Co-op, 6-7 Kings Road, St Mawes (12) – new refrigeration plant, new doors, new louvres, new fencing, new lighting and floor markings – granted with conditions   


  1. iv) Enforcements

Open – EN16/00842 – 4A Bohella Road, St Mawes – alleged works not built in accordance with the approved plans PA15/11175; namely size of Juliet balcony


Closed EN16/00428 – Lowen Meadow, Newton Road, St Mawes – unauthorised use of land for helicopter landing, parking and taking off and storage of dingy/yacht trailer and storage of caravan – decision ‘not applicable’. There is currently a ‘Contravention Notice’ in place to the Landowner.


  1. v) To consider planning correspondence – see correspondence lists


13b.     Affordable Housing

            To consider updates on Affordable Housing matters – No matters were raised


Normal standing orders resumed.


AGENDA ITEMS (for decision and discussion)


10a. Accounts and Finance

  1. i) To consider Income and Expenditure for June and approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

The total cheques numbered 6988 to 7006 were approved                               £10, 265.38

Direct Debits/Debit Card/ Standing Orders shown as paid in June                        £ 2, 693.14

Salaries for June paid by FPO and transfers 1st July 2016                                  £ 3, 841.39

Income shown as received during June                                                                          £35, 638.56


Approval of the payments of accounts was proposed by Cllr. Giles. Seconded by Cllr. Warren. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. ii) To consider the request from St Mawes Community Fireworks Committee for funding towards the Community Fireworks Display in November

Cllr. Sadler proposed to approve a donation of £350 under S137 of the Local Government Act 1972 towards the St Mawes Community Fireworks Committee towards the Fireworks Display in November.

Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


iii)       To consider the request from St Mawes Carnival Committee to support the funding of the St John Ambulance service on Carnival Day

Cllr. Sadler proposed to approve the request from St Mawes Carnival Committee to fund the presence of St John Ambulance Service on Carnival Day at a cost of £236.40 (gross) under S137 of the Local Government Act 1972. Seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


Financial support to the Roseland CLT was not an agenda item. However, due to the short timescale for the flyers to be printed and distributed, Cllr. Sadler proposed that, in principle, the Parish Council, should fund the £150.99 for the printing of the leaflets as, initially, this parish would be benefited the most from the Roseland CLT initiative.   All in agreement by a show of hands.


Cllr. Hall, the Finance Committee Chairman spoke about the better than expected reserves of £65,000. However, he felt that choppy waters could arise following the exit from the EU. The Finance Committee would be looking at its 3-year plan shortly.


  1. iv) To consider the quotation from M. Fletcher for the future maintenance of the top area of the Holy Well, Grove Hill, St. Mawes

Cllr. Salter proposed to approve the quotation received from M. Fletcher to maintain the top area of the Holy Well, Grove Hill for a one off initial visit to clear over growth and self-seeded weeds, weed kill and remove arisings and litter at £65 and then a monthly maintenance to include weed control, pruning and litter at £25. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour by a show of hand. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. v) To note the reason why the money has not been paid to Cormac Solutions Ltd for the installation of play equipment at St Just Playing Field

The cheque has been withheld whilst the supplier and the installer check the installation of the roundabout.


  1. vi) To note the acknowledgement of the submission of the Annual Return from Grant Thornton Ltd for the year ended 31st March 2016

It was noted that Grant Thornton Ltd acknowledged receipt of the submission on 17th June.


11a.     Car Park (Appendix 2)

To consider the monthly income

  Pay & Display Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
  Monthly Cumulative Monthly Cumulative Cumulative
June – 15 23, 416.30 54, 707.80 210.00 17, 004.80 71, 712.60
June – 16 26, 282.40 58, 602.00 500.00 19, 694.00 78, 296.00
June 2015 comparable June 2016      
Up 2, 866.10 3, 894.20 290.00 2, 689.20 6, 583.40

11b.     To consider the overflow parking facility for the summer season

The Chairman of Gerrans and St Mawes Football Club has verbally agreed that the football field may be used for overflow parking as in previous years.


11c.     To receive an update on the installation of credit card payment facility

Six Payment Service has confirmed that the account has been set up ready for the terminal. The terminal should be ready for installation by Cale Briparc week beginning 11th July. The Clerk is liaising with Solsoft Computers and C Pridmore regarding the set-up of broadband aerials and installation of electricity wiring.


11d.     To consider the maintenance of St Just Car Park regarding

  1. The recycling area base – this has been installed and the old site is to be cleared and covered in


  1. The boundary fence – the materials were cheaper than first quoted (£479 compared to £633) and the

boundary wall has been started by the Self Builders.

  • The 803 surface – the 803 surface of the car park will be monitored.


  1. St. Mawes Public Conveniences
  2. a) To approve the final draft transfer document of the property from Cornwall Council to the Parish Council

Sharp and Rimmer has received the local search results which does not show anything of concern. The final

draft transfer document has been approved by Cllr. Sadler and has been delegated to Cllr. Hall for approval.

Once it has been approved, it will be signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.



  1. b) To receive an update and consider the solution to the Disabled facility locking system

Cormac has come up with a solution to over-ride the door locking system to gain access to the disabled facility if a person pulls the emergency cord. The payment systems are due to be active this week.


It was noted that an invoice has been received for the St Mawes Public Conveniences rates of £2,032.80. Cllr. German advised that the Government is being lobbied to abolish rates on public conveniences.


  1. Millennium Rooms Management Committee & Roseland Visitor Centre Committee

To consider a report and recommendations from the MRMC and RVC Committee meetings held on 8th June 2016 – Nothing to report


  1. Parish Council Website

            To further consider the proposals for the Parish Council Website

The Clerk has spoken with Russell Curgenven regarding facilitating and advising on the website. He initially agreed that he could assist but is yet to provide dates for a meeting with Cllr. Warren.


  1. Cleansing of the Parish

            To consider the update on the Cornwall Council’s Waste Reduction Incentive Scheme

The group is due to have another meeting shortly.


Cllr. Giles reported on the lack of service from Churchill Contract Services over the past weekend when the waste bins were full to capacity every day. The Clerk supported this and advised that she has been trying to contact the manager. The Parish Council agreed that the service is not good enough and that a meeting should be arranged with the CCS Manager, Cllr. Chenoweth and the Clerk.


  1. Permissive footpath and steps into the Picnic Area above the Millennium Rooms, St. Mawes

The Council agreed that the uneven, man-made steps are not part of its picnic area and should be left alone.


18a.     Highways matters – feedback from Viv Bidgood, Highways Manager

To consider the feedback on improvements to signage and traffic control measures in St Mawes

The solution in Tredenham Road is to look at some sort of build-out which would need to be funded by the

Parish Council. He offered to commission a feasibility study if the Parish Council was interested. The Parish

Council would only be interested if the study was free.


  1. b) To consider the feedback on flooding issues in The Square, St Mawes

All the drains in the vicinity of Hillhead, The Square and Kings Road have been inspected and cleansed. No

defects recorded therefor the system is serviceable. If flooding issues persist we may need to look at

potentially nominating the Square for a drainage scheme upgrade but there is no guarantee that anything

would come of it.


  1. c) To consider feedback on the installation of new on-street parking restrictions, change of start date of enforcements and speed reduction on Upper Castle Road, St Mawes

This project has been assigned to Rupert Spencer who is busy taking exams at the moment.


  1. Open Water Swimming sessions on Summers Beach, St. Mawes

To consider the request from The Wet Stuff for structured swim coaching on Summers Beach

Cllr. Giles proposed that the Parish Council approves the request from a proven small concern called ‘In The Wet Stuff’ who offer structured swim coaching for fitness, confidence or competition in the open water at Summers Beach in St Mawes by qualified teachers. It was thought that this would be an asset to both the community and visitors and provide 2 Lifeguards on the beach during the sessions and would complement the successful Paddle Boarding business already established on this beach. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour RESOLVED by the Council


  1. 20. Correspondence (information only)


At this point, the Clerk and the assistant Clerk left the meeting (9.30pm)




  1. Staffing Matters
  2. a) To receive a report from the Personnel Committee held on 29th June 2016

The minutes had not yet been agreed and a report will be given at the next meeting.


  1. b)       Staffing Finance Structure – receive an update

Cllr Warren reported that the Personnel Committee had written to all staff advising of the future policy and procedure for awarding honorariums.  It was noted that no feedback had been received by the Personnel Committee or by the Clerk.  The matter is now concluded.


Cllr Sadler circulated a report by the Personnel Committee to all councillors regarding the excessive workload in the Clerk’s office.  She outlined areas where the workload could be reduced and ways in which councillors can help in this respect, as identified in the Clerk’s appraisal.


  1. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting


  1. Date of next meeting – The Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 1st August 2016 in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes commencing at 7pm


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10pm


Signed as a true record……………………………………Chairman Cllr. B Chenoweth


Date…………………….1st August 2016

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