St Just Parish Council Minutes February 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 4th February 2013. The meeting commenced at 7pm.


Councillors Present:

The Chairman Cllr. K. Warren, Cllrs. R. G. Baylis, J. Benney, A.M. Chart, B. Chenoweth, G. Chenoweth,        R.E. Giles,  P. Farmiloe, P.J. Salter, P Teague and C. Williams


Also Present:

S. Penhaligon (Clerk), T van der Wolde (Assistant Clerk), John Andrew and Stephen Miles from St Mawes Community Fire Station and two members of the public.


1. To accept apologies for absence – Cornwall Councillor German.


2. Declaration of Interest:

a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest– Cllr. Chart on Item 14b.

b) Non-Registerable Interest – none declared

c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – none declared

d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – none declared


3. Open Period – Public Participation

Stephen Miles spoke about the plan to put Defibrillators in the hotels along the front of St Mawes as part of the British Heart Foundation Heartstart Scheme. He explained that the Heartstart initiative teaches people what to do in a life-threatening emergency and teaches simple skills that save lives. Stephen has an instructor qualification, and he is willing to train members of the community for free. The training is 3 hours, and anyone from the age of ten upwards can attend and learn the complete range of Emergency Lifesaving Skills such as: assessing an unconscious patient, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dealing with choking, serious bleeding and helping someone that may be having a heart attack.


4. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 7th January 2013

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands, that the previously circulated minutes be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


5. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda – No matters were reported.


6. Report from the Clerk

Regarding the slippage at St Just to Trethewell, the Clerk clarified that it is not a Parish Council matter, even so, The Landowner has informed the Parish Council in all matters relating to the associated works and has confirmed that he will plant some fast growing hawthorn (as was the previous type) interspersed with some trees, also reseed the bank and install a new fence. He has agreed with CORMAC Highways that the fence does not overhang the Highway.  CORMAC Highways are also aware of vehicles being driven in too close to the hedge and that the hedge will need to be set back a bit. It is not part of a wider landscaping scheme, the work had to be undertaken to overcome the slippage.


The Clerk informed that Conrad Birnie, Tree Surgeon inspected the Beech Tree on Bohella Bank and discovered that the tree is rotting in places where copper nails had been inserted, the bark is falling off and bracket fungus is appearing. Further advice is being sought on the best option to preserve the Beech Tree.


Cornwall Council has issued a Press release regarding Winter Wellness. There is a free phone number 0800 954 1956 for anyone living in cold or damp accommodation to get help.


7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

No local report was received. Notification was received regarding a public consultation – responding to incidents review. Three meetings are being held in Plymouth, Exeter and Bodmin. The review team are seeking members of the community to contribute to the design of future processes and services. Anyone interested in attending a meeting should email





8. Report from Cornwall Cllr. German

Cornwall Cllr. German had submitted a report. In his absence the Clerk said she would feed his comments in during the relevant agenda items in this meeting. He also commented on the recent Flood Surgery which had been well received and that he believed that those who attended received some useful advice and contacts.


9. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

Roseland Triathlon Meeting – Cllr. Williams attended the meeting that was held in Portscatho on 29th January. The organisers intend on moving the event forward to early July, and it will now be on a Sunday, they plan to start as early as they can. The road will be closed on the Lugger where the transition will be. The marshals will be wearing high visibility jackets. Cllr. Williams suggested that the marshals wave flags to slow vehicles down, like they did at the St Mawes Triathlon, and also display a noticeboard on the main road in St Mawes to advise there will be disruption to traffic. The organisers said they would take these suggestions on board.


St Mawes Allotment Committee – Cllr. Salter confirmed that the National Trust has received confirmation that planning permission is not needed to create the new field access. However, the sheds will require planning permission for which there will be a fee of £385. Twenty two people are already paid up which means the allotment site is two thirds full. The Regional Director of National Allotments Allan Cavill will be giving a talk in the Millennium Rooms on Saturday 9th February at 2pm.


Truro & Roseland Community Network Meeting – Cllr. Warren informed that the Police were unable to attend the meeting, however they gave a report which said all crime rates were down apart from Marine related theft which was still on the increase, this is the result of organised crime, particularly from Eastern Europe, some arrests have been made. Officers from Cornwall Council gave a talk on S106s and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The Roseland is in zone 1, therefore the CIL contribution from development will be £100 per square metre. The contribution goes to Cornwall Council for wider infrastructure works in the County, although 15% of the contributions goes towards the local community infrastructure needs, this will go up to 25% if the community has a Neighbourhood Development Plan in place.


Cllr. Giles brought Summers Beach to the attention of the Parish Council and asked that it be noted that the beach steps have been undermined by the recent gales. Also the swing needs urgent attention as the railings around the swing are bent and coming apart making it dangerous.


Cllr. G Chenoweth mentioned that the wall to Bohella Bank is damaged and needs maintenance.


10/1. Accounts and Finance

a) To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council were asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 5937 to 5949 for approval and signature at the meeting                      £4,338.76

Total cheques numbered 5924 to 5936 paid since last meeting for ratification                           £6,197.96

Direct Debits/ Standing Orders shown as paid in January                                                           £6,354.11

Income shown as received during January                                                                                 £9,429.48


Approval of the payments of accounts proposed by Cllr. Chart seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


Cllr. Williams asked if the Parish Council would consider a debit card, as both councillors and Clerk buy items for the Parish Council when necessary and then have to reclaim the money, therefore, having a debit card would be more appropriate. It was agreed that this would go on the next Parish Council meeting agenda.


b) To consider the quotations for repainting the heritage finger posts in the Parish following receipt of the project grant

The Clerk has sent out four requests for quotations, but only one quotation has been received. It is a statutory requirement to receive three quotes, however, as the Clerk has tried over a long period to obtain more quotes, Cllr. Williams proposed to treat this as an exception and accept the one quote, seconded by Cllr. Baylis, one abstention, Majority in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.




c) To consider the options for the finance software package

This item is ongoing.


It was noted that the Parish Council will be receiving a Council Tax Support Grant of £936.31 in addition to its precept of £20,000 in 2013/2014.


It was noted that a new grant application has been received from St Just in Roseland Institute which will be considered at the next Finance Committee meeting.


11a.     Planning

a)         To consider the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting on 16th January 2013 (Appendix 3)


1To consider PA12/11505 Bar Point, St Just in Roseland Extensions (including dormer extensions) and alterations to dwelling. After considering the additional information such as the dormers are a means of escape under building regulations and the reason that the roof alignment does not follow was to reduce bulk, Cllr. Chenoweth proposed that there should be no objection to the planning application, seconded by Cllr. Benney.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Planning Committee.


2.  To consider a pre application for Bohella House, St Mawes. Proposed loft conversion and extension. Mr. Chart felt that Bohella House was a beautifully proportioned property in a Conservation Area and should not have Velux windows in the roof.  It was acknowledged that the velux windows were conservation veluxes.  D Hubbard said it was an attractive Georgian building and looks out of proportion with extra windows in the roof, making it a three storey property. Cllr. Chenoweth proposed that there was no objection to the flat roof being made into hipped roof; objection to the three velux windows to the front of the property with a suggestion that the velux windows are sited at the rear of the property.  Seconded by Cllr.Warren.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Planning Committee.


3.   To consider any matters relating to the St Just in Roseland Development Proposal

It was agreed that the following actions were required by the Parish Council to ensure that everyone in the parish were made aware of the public meeting organised by CSA Architects to be held in St Just Institute on 13th February:

a)         Check the facts on housing needs with Cornwall Housing

b)         Adequate feedback from the consultation held on 1st November

c)         Engage with local people by:

  • Placing an article in Roseland Online
  • Leaflet drop
  • More notices
  • Word of mouth

d)         Await feedback from the Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation on what residents in the 5 Roseland parishes would like. David Hubbard advised that some of the comments received so far included a resistance to additional housing developments due to the worry of villages becoming ghettos and the poor quality of some housing built of late.


b)         The Council considered the following planning applications:

47.       Bohella House, The Square, St Mawes. Conversion of loft and hipped roof extension. Installation of 3 rooflights on northwest elevation and 1 on the southeast elevation. New dormer on south west elevation. Reviewed by Cllrs. Giles, Chart and Farmiloe. There is no objection to the flat roof being made into a hipped roof; objection to the three rooflights and velux windows to the front of the property and suggest that the velux windows are sited at the rear of the property.


48.       Apple Orchard, 19 Chapel Terrace, St Mawes. Erection of a single storey extension and replacement roof. Reviewed by Cllrs. Benney, Salter and Williams. No objection.


49.       Lloyds Bank, St Mawes. Advertisement consent for the display of face Illuminated Built Up Letters, non Illuminated Projecting Sign, Illuminated Heritage Window Light Strip, Non Illuminated Name Plate, Reverse Applied Vinyl and Non Illuminated Letter Box Signs. Reviewed by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter, and Giles. Object but no objection to the non illuminated projecting sign.


50.       Flat 1, Parkhouse, Bohella Road, St Mawes. Conversion of existing two storey house annexe into separate dwelling. Under review by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter and Giles.


51.       18 Pedn Moran, St Mawes. Proposed boat store. Under review by Cllrs. Baylis, Chart and Salter.


c)         To note the decisions of the Planning Authority

PA12/10534 The Millennium Rooms, The Square, St Mawes. Replace up and over door with a glazed window and door similar to the visitor centre entrance. Approved.


PA12/11521 Boswedden, Penruan Lane, St Mawes. Proposed changes to first floor dormer windows and provision of a shower room to the existing playroom. Approved.


PA12/00091 Pre-application advice sought from the Allotment Society. Land South of SWW Authority Sewerage Works, Upper Castle Rd, St Mawes. Do I need permission for the erection of storage sheds in connection with allotment plots. Case closed. Advice given, and application submitted.


PA12/11109 Freshwater Boatyard, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes. Extension to balcony. Approved.


PA12/11593 7 Pen Brea Close, St Mawes. Erection of front and rear extensions and garage. Approved.


d)         Enforcements

Ongoing – None


Closed –

EN 12/01482 16 Polvarth Estate. Alleged non-compliance with approved plans. PA11/06649. No timber cladding to the exterior. Not expedient.


EN13/00092  Porthcuel Trelawney Road St Mawes. Alleged encasement of property in large scaffolding and plastic construction. No breach found.


EN13/00136 Pine Tree Cottage Upper Castle Road St Mawes. Alterations to access. No breach found. 


e)         To note planning correspondence sent/received

17/1/13            Email from Cornwall Council inviting Parish Council to Cornwall Area of Outstanding Beauty Annual Forum on Saturday 16th March 2013. 10am to 3pm Truro College.


28/1/13 Email from Our Cornwall concerning Historic Sites at risk of development.


30/1/13 Email from St Mawes & St Just in Roseland Society sent a copy of letter addressed to Cornwall Council in respect of their objection to Bohella House planning application. They object to rooflights on part of the roof facing The Square. Also attached was their report to the Planning Committee on planning applications since 28/11/11.


11b. Proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan

To further consider the Proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan

There will be a cluster meeting for Parish Councils on Wednesday 13th February at 7.15pm at the Millennium Rooms in St Mawes. The purpose of this meeting is to agree the Terms of Reference for the Steering Group who will lead in the delivery of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. There is also a public meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Development Plan on Monday 25th February 7pm at St Mawes Memorial Hall.


12a. Proposed Housing Development at St Just in Roseland

It is important to the Parish Council that local people express their views on the proposed development in St Just in Roseland. Therefore, it intends to circulate a flyer within the St Just village to make residents aware that the developers CSA Architects will be holding a second public consultation event on 13th February at the St Just Institute. The flyer will also ask for residents to give feedback. An article will also be posted on the


Roseland On-line website and CSA Architects has advertised the event in the West Briton and Roseland Magazine.


12b. Proposed Housing Development at St Mawes

To consider comments from the informal presentation by a developer to a number of Parish Councillors of a proposed housing development on land off Polvarth Road, St Mawes.

An informal presentation by a developer for a proposed development in St Mawes was held on 16th January when he outlined plans of the site and housing designs. The proposal is a mixed development of affordable and open market homes, the quality of the build will be the same for all properties and will consist of 38 units, 20 of which are affordable. Cllr. Warren would like to involve the public in pre-application discussions as soon as it is practical.


12c.     Affordable Housing Local Needs Register

a) To consider the housing needs of the parish of St Just in Roseland

Nick Marsden from the Affordable Housing Team will be meeting with the Parish Council on 14th February at 10.30am at the Millennium Rooms to discuss how housing data is used to analyse levels of need. According to the figures on the Homechoice register of people with a connection to St Just in Roseland Parish, 63.5% are deemed as adequately housed, and 31.7% do not wish to live in this Parish and have chosen other areas in their preference choices. The Parish Council feel strongly that any future local needs housing should reflect the particular needs of those requiring it, in terms of location, size and affordability.


b) To consider implications of the Lanner Judicial Review ruling

The Assistant Clerk spoke of the recent ruling of the Judicial Review of Lanner Parish Council versus Cornwall Council. It was argued that the Homechoice register only provides one kind of quantitative measure of housing need, and the figures are misleading. Lanner Parish Council was able to demonstrate to the Judge, that the figure of housing need given by Cornwall Council exceeded local need. However, the Judge determined that there was no malpractice, and that the term local meant not only those residents of Lanner, but also those of neighbouring villages, and then in the wider context Kerrier District and the County as a whole.

The parish of St Just in Roseland is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and any residential development can only be granted planning permission if it meets an identified local need. Therefore, the Parish Council agreed to write a letter of support to Lanner Parish Council in their intended appeal to the Judge’s decision, as the implications of the ruling could mean that the term ‘local’ could extend to those living outside the Parish and without any local connection; therefore invalidating the planning constraints that protect this landscape.


13. Millennium Rooms Management Committee (MRMC)

To consider matters arising from the MRMC meeting held on 25th January 2013 (Appendix 2)

Item 10. Superfast Broadband will be available in St Mawes by the end of MarchBT has agreed that if the MRMC sign up to Superfast then they will provide an Infinity Hub (router) and install it at no extra cost.  This will send a strong enough signal so that WIFI Superfast Broadband will be available to all staff and users of the Millennium Rooms. However the monthly line rental for Superfast Broadband will be £27 per month (100gb) compared to the current contract price of £14 per month (10gb). Gavin Bolton, a BT contracted trainer, has offered to supply the MRMC with a preliminary loan of booster/router, which will allow him to train the local community in the Millennium Rooms. Cllr. Williams made the following proposals:

a) That the MRMC accept Gavin Bolton’s offer of a loan router until the Infinity hub is available.

b) That the MRMC sign up to Superfast Broadband with BT and accept the free Infinity hub and free installation.

c) That Gavin Bolton be offered the reduced local community charge for hiring the Millennium Rooms (£16.00 per session) in return for the loan of a router and the training of volunteers.

The above proposals were seconded by Cllr. Chart. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


Item 11. Cllr. Williams reported that the MRMC had recommended asking the Parish Council for permission to go ahead with the previously discussed office changes. She explained that the changes were needed to provide a separate office to enable RVC employees to work when the Visitor Centre was open; to provide an office for the Car Park employees under health and safety regulations; and to provide much needed storage for Parish Council files.





Planning permission has been obtained for change of use of the garage.  However, planning permission for the new store/garage has not been submitted. There was much discussion over the financing of this project in the current economic climate.


Cllr. Williams proposed that the Parish Council go ahead with the previously discussed change to convert the garage into office space. Seconded by Cllr. B Chenoweth, Motion Defeated For 2 votes, against 4 votes, 5 abstentions.


The Chairman expressed concern that the Parish Council could not approve the recommendation from the MRMC, and saw how many Councillors had abstained.  He felt Councillors did not appear to be convinced by the arguments put forward and he suggested that, as the vote in the MRMC meeting was not unanimously in favour, perhaps this had influenced the number of abstentions.


Cllr. Warren recommended that the MRMC reconsider its proposal and come back to the Parish Council with a clearly defined proposal in the future and confirmed that the consideration of the garage conversion could be revisited after a six month period.


Item 16.  Cllr. Williams proposed that the Parish Council advertise the permanent post of Manager for the RVC in the March Roseland Magazine and on Roseland Online, with a view to a start date of 1st April 2013. The post to work the same annual hours (800) and receive the same annual salary (xxxx) as was previously agreed for the former post holder. Seconded by Cllr. G Chenoweth. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


14. Car Park

a) To consider monthly income

Pay &              Pay & Display             Permits Permits Total


Monthly           Cumulative                  Monthly           Cumulative      Cumulative

Jan 12             2,023.55          144,348.75                  0.00                 12,943.70        157,292.45

Jan 13             1,414.95          140,899.55                  0.00                 13,334.10        154,233.65

January 2012 comparable with January 2013

Up                                                                                                       390.40

Down               -608.60                        -3449.20                                                                      -3058.80


b) To consider a water drainage problem at Rose Cottage adjacent to St Just Lane Car Park

Cllrs. Warren and Teague met on site with the occupier of Rose Cottage and an advisor from Cormac Services. There seems to be a long standing problem with water coming from car-park onto property. The resident believes that the Self Build site is contributing to the problem. Cllr. Warren proposed that this matter be investigated and professional advice is sought from DA Giles, seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


c) To consider the request from the St Mawes Triathlon organizer to use the main car park as a

transition area as, for safety reasons, the start date has been moved forward to 8.30am

Cllr. Giles proposed that subject to the St Mawes Triathlon keeping the Parish Council informed of safety

measures and the schedule of the day that they can use St Mawes Car Park as a transition area. Seconded by

Cllr. Warren. 1 abstention, majority in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


d) To consider the request from the Mermaid Midnight Walk organizer to use the main St Mawes Car

Park as a base for the evening leading up to the start of the walk, 1st June 2013, throughout the night

until approximately 7am in the morning

It was agreed that the Parish Council agree in principle, however more detail is needed such as how much car

parking space they need to use. The Clerks office will request this information.


The Clerk reported that Western Power Distribution has issued a map of the proposed works to install a new

electricity supply to the Idle Rocks Hotel.  The option is to bring the new supply down to the end of the

wall by the disabled parking bay, then in very close to boundary of disabled parking and reserved spaces

and then out into the car park. This will not affect the use of any parking bays. Work to commence as soon as

possible. There was no objection to this essential works.



Cllr. Baylis confirmed that the pay and display machines will be ready for the new charges on 15th March.


Cllr. Baylis informed that, as well as the Enforcement hours paid for by the Parish Council, Cornwall

Council presently pay an additional two hours, twice a week, however, this may well be curtailed due to

legal (or possible financial reasons).


Relating to the free car parking request from Marianne Evans, Christmas Fair co-ordinator, the Car Park

Committee are still waiting to see the accounts from last years Christmas fair.

15. Standing Orders

To consider amendments to the Standing Orders adopted on 14th May 2012

Cllr. Williams proposed that the Parish Council adopt the amendments to the Standing Orders as presented including items 8. Dispensations g and h. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


16. Public Toilets

To further consider the future financing of St Just Church Public Conveniences

Following receipt of two lease reports from Cornwall Council, Cllr. Warren proposed that the advice received from Cornwall Council is sent to the owners of the Rectory, and, then subject to their response, the Parish Council will decide if legal advice is needed. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


It was noted that a letter dated 1st February but received on 4th February from Cornwall Councillor Biscoe, Cabinet Member Transportation, Highways & Environment asking if the Parish Council wishes to take on the toilets in the parish then it is imperative that it notifies the Council by no later than February 15th.  The letter warned that toilets not devolved will be at risk of close. The Clerk’s office was asked to clarify if this involves St Just Church and St Mawes public conveniences.


17. Public Footpath around the Football Field

To further consider making a safe public footpath around the Football Field in Upper Castle Road

Cllr. Giles confirmed that the club is still waiting for a decision from the National Trust.


18. Lighting to front of Harbour View, St Just in Roseland

To consider the need for additional lighting in area to the front of the Harbour View

Cllr. German has commented on the lighting at St Just. This has been raised with him previously and he considers the most realistic proposition may be to have a pillar with a light on top, perhaps 3ft tall, 1 at the Old Chapel side of the Harbour View entrance and 1 at the outdoor education corner of the Bowling Green and suggests low level lighting would be more appropriate than the usual street lighting. The Parish Council agreed to investigate this matter further.


19. Zebra crossing St Just Square

To consider the installation of a Zebra crossing from St Just Lane Car Park to the grassed area opposite

Cllr. German has commented that in his experience it is unlikely Cornwall Council would consider a zebra crossing in St Just in Roseland. However, he offered to pursue with Highways. The Parish Council agreed that this is the course of action they would like to take and will request that Cornwall Cllr. German take this forward.


20. Correspondence (information only)


21. Staffing Matters

To consider recommendations from the Personnel Committee and Millennium Rooms Committee

Cllr. Farmiloe stated that there was nothing to report, and confirmed that the next Personnel Committee would be on Monday 11th February 2013.


22. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting

Local Elections

Parish Council to use a debit card for purchases


23.  Date of next meeting – The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Millennium Rooms on Monday 4th March 2013 commencing at 7pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.20 pm


Signed as a true record………………………………………..Chairman




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