St Just Parish Council Minutes – June 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 3rd June 2013. The meeting commenced at 7pm.


Councillors Present:

The Chairman Cllr. K. Warren, Cllrs. P. Salter, P. Farmiloe, R. Hall, B. Chenoweth, C. Williams, B. Sadler, P. Teague, J. Benney and R.E. Giles


Also Present:

S. Penhaligon (Clerk), T van der Wolde (Assistant Clerk), Cornwall Councillor J German, and two members of the public


1. To accept apologies for absence

None received.


2. Declaration of Interest:

a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest– none declared

b) Non-Registerable Interest – none declared

c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – none declared

d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – none received


3. Open Period – Public Participation

No comments were made.


4. To confirm the minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th May 2013.

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by Councillors who had attended the said meeting, that the previously circulated minutes be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


5. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda

The Clerk has asked for the matter of dogs on beaches to be added to a Roseland Cluster meeting.  However, Veryan is arranging Code of Conduct training for the next cluster meeting (date and venue to be arranged) therefore, any dog matters would need to be for a future meeting.  Agreed to add to next Parish Council agenda.


6. Report from the Clerk

The Clerk has received two letters from neighbours of a cottage in St Austell Row who are objecting to the apparent installation of solar panels in their neighbour’s roof. The character cottage is in a conservation area as well as in an Heritage Coast and AONB. Enquiries are being made to ascertain whether planning permission is required.


Ben Dickinson, Highways Manager has advised that speed checks will be undertaken in Hillhead, St Mawes following reports of people driving too fast down this narrow hill.


7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

During April the police were called to the parish 7 times. 3 calls were road related, 2 were animal related and 2 others. 4 crimes have been recorded; threatened with a blade/point object in a public place – male arrested, assault – male arrested, heating oil thefts. No report was received for May.


8. Report from Cornwall Cllr. German

Cllr. German congratulated Yvonne Fuller for arranging and St Mawes Primary School for their part during the special 60th anniversary re-enactment of the Queen’s 1953 Coronation at Truro Cathedral.


9. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

Cllr. Giles reported he and Cllr. Teague attended the recent St Mawes Co-operation Partnership AGM.  The tenants are happy and the cooperation that has been in place for almost 100 years is working well.  Cllr. Giles emphasised that this was an example of best practice of affordable housing within a village setting.



10a. Accounts and Finance

a) To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council were asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 6083 to 6105 approved and signed at meeting                                      £11,197.51

Total cheques numbered 6072 to 6082 paid since last meeting minus void cheque

number 6072 were ratified                                                                                               £5,752.34

Direct Debits/ Standing Orders shown as paid in June                                                       £1,994.48

Income shown as received during June                                                                                         £21,181.79


Approval of the payments of accounts proposed by Cllr. Warren.  Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


b)   To consider the quotation for a Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Training for employees/volunteers

Cllr. Giles proposed acceptance of the two quotations from Jeff Hick, Fire Safety Advisor:

1.  Consultation and Fire Risk Assessment of £150 inc. vat and 2. Basic Fire Training for up to 8 attendees of £140.  Seconded by Cllr. Chenoweth.  All in favour.  RESOLVED by the Council.


10b. Finance Committee (Appendix 2)

To consider the recommendations from the Finance Committee meeting held on 31st May 2013

Cllr. Salter proposed to approve the Annual Audit for the year ended 31st March 2013 including the documents:

a)     The report from the Internal Auditor, Bennett Jones and Co in Section 4 of The Annual Return approving the Annual Audit.

b)     The Annual Audit and Annual Return Section 1 and 2 for submission to the External Auditor, Grant Thornton

c)     The Ear Marked Reserves


Seconded by Cllr. Giles. 9 in favour. 1 absention. RESOLVED by the Council.


Cllr. Salter proposed that Mr Richard Baylis be asked to act as an Internal Audit Control checker to report back to the Finance Committee quarterly and to work as a mentor alongside Cllr. Hall. Seconded by Cllr. Chenoweth. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


Cllr. Hall reported that business rates are currently low, and that the Parish Council has a competitive deal at the moment with Scottish Widows. He asked for clarification as to whether the Parish Council has charity status as this can mean a further increase in the interest rates, the Clerk will find out the position.


11. Changes to precedents

To adopt the Financial Regulations approved on 13th May 2013.

Cllr. Warren proposed to accept the amendment to 6.5 regarding the changes to petty cash, seconded by Cllr. Hall. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


12.       Planning

a)         To consider the meetings of the Planning Committee

A meeting was held on 17th May. It was agreed to object to planning application PA13/03350 Land adj to Jasmine Cottage – Erection of a detached dwelling and the formation of vehicular access to the Highway

due to safety issues regarding the access; being outside the identified settlement boundary; the visual impact

form the creek and beyond in an AONB, heritage coast and coastal zone; and the status of the site which

appears to be for agricultural usage.  PA31/02792 and PA31/02793 (Conservation Area consent) 31 Lower

Castle Road, St Mawes Demolition of existing garden room and residential annexe and construction of a

new garden room and residential annexe opposite 31 Lower Castle Road. The Parish Council were not able

to support it in its current form for the reasons of massing, overlooking, and have requested conditions on

use. PA31/01955 Ola’s Cottage, Trelawney Road, St Mawes Modification to current planning consent

C1/PA31/1626/09/R.  The Planning Committee objected to the planning application and felt unable to agree

to disagree to the Planning Officer’s recommendation for approval and agreed that it should be considered at

Cornwall Council’s full planning committee.



b)         The Council considered the following planning applications:


5.         PA13/03741 Penbraken, Penruan Lane, St Mawes. Extension to Dormer. Reviewed by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter, Giles – no objection


6.                                                                                                                              PA13/03725 Land to the side of 10 Kennerly Terrace opposite Fire Station, Polvarth Rd, St Mawes.

             Installation of broadband and telephone cabinets. Reviewed by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter & Benney – no



7.          PA13/04386 16 Tredenham Road, St Mawes. Replacement of two windows with doors and inclusion of

two first floor balconies. Reviewed by Cllr. Farmiloe, Salter and Giles – objection.


8.          PA13/03819 Stanton Barn, St Just in Roseland. Conversion of barn to dwelling and associated works.

Currently being reviewed by Cllrs. Warren, Teague and Sadler.


9.         PA13/03965 Chapel House, East Marine Parade, St Mawes. Proposed alterations to existing balcony.

Reviewed by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter and Giles. No objection.


10.       PA13/03972 Chapel House, East Marine Parade, St Mawes. Proposed new french windows and rooflight.

Reviewed by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Salter and Giles. No objection.


11.       PA13/04121 Chy Bre, Trelawney Road, St Mawes. Extension of time for implementation of

PA31/0616/10/R (Demolition of existing bungalow to create new two storey dwelling). Reviewed by Cllrs.

Williams, Benney and Salter. No objection.


c)         To note the decisions of the Planning Authority

PA13/01787 16 Tredenham Road, St Mawes. Construction of a garage and boat store with attached store

and wc. Works at the front of the property including construction of terrace with two guest bedrooms

located underneath and associated landscaping, two glazed bay windows and entrance canopy to front door.

Erection of side utility extension and modifications to the rear of the main roof to enlarge first floor.

Construction of bridge at rear of dwelling to access rear garden. Approved.


d)         Enforcements

Ongoing – EN13/00674 Development allegedly has not been built in accordance with the approved plans. Lowena, 2 Carrick Way, St Mawes.


EN13/01104 Construction of a wall in excess of 2 metres. Lamorran House, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes.


Closed – None


e) To consider planning correspondence

The list was circulated.


f) To consider a replacement tree for Bohella Bank, St Mawes.

The Local Planning Authority has granted consent to fell the damaged Beech tree and replace it with another within two years under Section 211 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  Cllr. Giles suggested that, as the tree was now flourishing, to postpone any decisions regarding the Beech tree. This was agreed.


13. Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan

A steering group meeting was held on the 22nd May 2013. No chair or vice chair has been appointed as yet, it was agreed to consider the skills required for the positions and for members to come forward if interested, and these will be elected at the next steering group meeting on 13th June. John Adams has been appointed as secretary.




14a. Affordable Housing Local Needs

To consider setting up a Local Housing Working Group to look into housing needs and related matters

It was agreed that, as recent proposals for development within the parish have come forward, then a working group would be beneficial. In the first instance Cllr. Williams proposed that a cluster meeting be arranged and include the following speakers; Jon Warner Homechoice manager, Nick Marsden Affordable Housing officer and Barry Lewis (the developer who can provide 100% affordable housing.) Seconded by Cllr. Chenoweth. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


14b. Proposed Housing Developments in St Mawes & St Just in Roseland.

To consider updates on the proposed developments in St Mawes and St Just

The Parish Council has been informed that Business Location Services Ltd are about to submit their planning application for the Affordable Housing Development behind the Bowling Green, St Just and that it has been informed that it will need to negotiate a footpath link to enable the Scheme to proceed.


15. Millennium Rooms Management Committee (MRMC)

To consider a replacement lift for the Millennium Room building

The lift has broken down due to an electrical circuit fault and the replacement part needed is no longer available. The Clerk circulated quotations from Liftman for options to purchase a new lift. Cllr. Chenoweth agreed to look into the problems associated with the lift, to ascertain whether the missing part can be specially made.


16. Car Park

a) To consider monthly income

Pay & Display       Pay & Display             Permits                        Permits                        Total                                       Monthly          Cumulative                        Monthly          Cumulative       Cumulative

June 12            15,265.60        29,125.55                    455.00             12,213.90         41,339.45

June 13            19,199.25        29,908.50                    1,440.00          14,284.80        44,193.30

June 2013 comparable with June 2012

Up                   3,933.65          782.95                         990.00             2,070.90

Down               -3150.70


b) To consider recommendations from the Car Park Committee meeting held on 26th May 2013 (Appendix 3)


Cllr. Giles proposed to recommend the following;

  • that the Parish Council orders ticket rolls from BemroseBooth Paragon advertising ‘Put your message here’ on the back and add ‘not transferrable’ to the front of the ticket for this year and to look into advertising for next year as time is of the essence.
  • that the Parish Council proceeds with an agreement with the Idle Rocks Hotel to offer 10 spaces in a block in the side car park on the left by the recycling area at a cost of £650 plus vat per space to be reviewed after two years.
  • that the Parish Council purchases 3 removable bollards from Bollard Store at a cost of £97.27 each
  • that the Parish Council postpones any works to install a french style drain until the Self Build Development has created its boundary; and to investigate the water flow diverted from the field into the open space.  In the meantime, to scrape off the slime in the corner of the car park and replace with 803 hardcore as a matter of urgency and to investigate the removal of the tree stumps.

Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


17. St Just in Roseland Church Public Conveniences

To further consider the future financing of St Just Church Public Conveniences

It was noted that an invoice for £466.49 has been received from Cornwall Council for rates on these public conveniences and premises, from 15th April until 31st March 2014 although the Parish Council only has a 6 month Tenancy at Will.  It was agreed to set up a Direct Debit for the full amount and claim back any overpayment if it occurs.



18. Lighting to front of Harbour View, St Just in Roseland

To further consider the need for additional lighting in area to the front of the Harbour View, St Just

Nothing to report.


19. Safe crossing St Just Square

To further consider the installation of a safe crossing outside St Just Lane Car Park

Nothing to report.


20. To further consider the election of Committee Representatives

Cllr. Sadler agreed to join the Finance Committee, it was agreed that the remaining vacancies will be discussed when the Casual Vacancy is filled.


21. Correspondence (information only)


22. Staffing matters.

To receive a report from the Personnel Committee

The minutes were circulated with the agenda. There were no recommendations.


23. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting

Dogs on Beaches


24.  Date of next meeting – The next general meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 1st July 2013 at 7pm in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm


Signed as a true record………………………………………..Chairman





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