St Mawes Jubillee Need Photos

 24.06.12: Blessed with beautiful sunny weather, the St Mawes Jubilee Celebrations Children’s Coronation went off with a bang, but a call out has been made to everyone who may have pictures for a celebration DVD.

Yvonne Fuller, organiser, told Roseland Online about the day’s event, “I knew the morning of 4th June would be hectic, as everything came to a head. The cover for the Anointing canopy to be tacked in place; the stands for the Crosses secured; the Altar correctly laid out, etc. But eventually, to the sound of Handel’s grand Royal Fireworks minuet, the Archbishop (Olivia Chater) and the Cross Bearers (Lydia Curtis and Megan Clode) took centre stage. Piece by piece, the Regalia were brought up and delivered to the Dean (Ashley Hill) and the Bishop of Truro (Millie Green) and placed on the Altar. Then, as the glorious Parry anthem “I was glad” reached its climax, to the sound of “Vivat, vivat Regina Elizabetha” The Queen (Maddie Burnett) and her Maids of Honour (Jenifer Bysouth, Clio Marsden, Mollie Michell and Yasmyn Miller) arrived at their appointed places.”

More events were held throughout the day including performances by Redruth Silver Band, The Roseland Peninsula’s own, Du Hag Owr, and the recently formed Village Singers with their conductor Jane Curtis. Then at night the State Coach was brought out again with the present day Queen (Diana Gray).

A celebration DVD is being put together but they are short of photos for this.

Yvonne added, “Many photographs were taken of these colourful events but few have been received to date, so if you have photographs, we would be grateful to receive them in high resolution on a CD marked Jubilee. You can send your pictures either to: Roseland Visitor Centre, Millennium Rooms, St Mawes, TR2 5AG, or you can email me under:”

The best photographs will be included in the Gallery section of our official Jubilee DVD which is currently being edited. The DVD, which covers all the events of 4th and 7th June, will be on sale for £10. You can order your copy of this by emailing:

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