Two St Mawes Oil Fuel Thefts Reported

22.04.12: Roseland Online has received reports of two oil thefts in St Mawes in the last week. One person has had 1000 litres stolen and the other 300 litres. It is not known when these incidents occurred but they have only recently been discovered.

David Dodsworth, a representative from the St Mawes Neighbourhood watch scheme said, “I am advised that the recent thefts in St Mawes have occurred at second homes where there has been an arrangement for the oil company to keep topping up the tank. This means that the oil could have been taken in small amounts over a period of time and not been noticed until a large bill arrived for topping up the tank.”

It has been advised that everyone remain vigilant of this. To help, the police have released a ‘Fuel Theft Leaflet’ outlining the safety and security precautions that they suggest everyone adheres to with regards fuel theft, which includes oil tanks. You can download a copy of this leaflet by clicking here.

This matter has been reported to the police but If you suspect any kind of crime, they ask that you report it to the ‘Confidential Anti-terrorist Hotline’ on 0800 789 321.

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