Want To Grow Your Own Vegetables But Don’t Know How To Start?

The Roseland Surgeries Patients’ Group has been allocated an allotment in Gerrans.  So if you can get yourself there easily and want to learn about growing your own food, now is your chance.  No costs – except for the seeds you want to plant.  We have just got a small Howard rotator to help with the first job too! You will be helped by an experienced gardener to grow some fabulous fresh veg for your kitchen in your own section of the plot.  An ideal opportunity to have a go without taking on a full-size allotment.
There is a limit on the numbers we can cater for at this stage.  Please either phone or email Pauline Hubbard who will be co-ordinating this activity.
01326 279252  hubbard39@btinternet.com

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